1. Difference between AI and Machine Learning 2. Advantages of Artificial Intelligence 3. Disadvantages of AI

Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence

There is a lot of mess surrounding artificial intelligence and machine learning. So it’s crucial to know what each word means to feel the difference.

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Difference between AI and ML

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with turning computers think like humans. It involves making computers that can learn and conclude on their own. 

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Besides AI, machine learning teaches computers to analyze data and draw conclusions. The data can be in any format, like XML or JSON. ML algorithms use this data to learn and improve on their own.

AI is a broader field than ML that deals with making a variety of algorithms to train machines. Machine learning uses one of AI's algorithms to teach computers to learn from data.

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Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

1. Artificial intelligence can help you automate repetitive tasks. 2. AI can help you make better decisions by providing more data.

3. Artificial intelligence can help you improve customer service by providing faster responses to customer inquiries. 4. Artificial intelligence can help reduce human error.

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5. We can use AI to supplement or replace human labor in many industries. 6. If artificial intelligence is not as biased as humans, it can provide more accurate results.

7. AI can quickly scale up to meet the increasing demands. 8. AI can work 24/7 with no breaks, vacations, or sick days. 9. Machines don’t get tired. So these can work for longer hours.

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As more and more tasks are robotic, fewer jobs will be open to people. It can lead to massive stagnation and reduced living standards for someone.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Just as AI fosters automation and lifts ability, anyone can use it for nefarious intents. AI may create realistic fake news reports or exploit social media to sway public opinion.

As humans design and build AI, it will inherit the prejudices of its creators. One biased algorithm can destroy the whole game.

Artificial Intelligence can amplify human biases.

Suppose a biased algorithm is there to screen job candidates. In that case, it could perpetuate discrimination against certain people.

Next, AI can lead to an arms race.

If one country forges powerful AI technology, other countries may need to build their own AI to keep up to date. So nations could vie for dominance, leading to an AI arms race.