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Pros and Cons of being a YouTuber

YouTube is much like having a blog but with a video format. It has changed the way people consume content.


There are many pros & cons to being a YouTuber. For starters, being a YouTuber can be very lucrative. You earn your first money from advertising, sponsorships, and product reviews.

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1. For freshers, making videos and exploring new trends may take a lot of time. To be a promising YouTuber, you need to create unique content consistently, which is exciting.


2. You build your own brand on YouTube and upload relevant videos about similar subjects to maintain a quality channel.

3. Pros of being a YouTuber include the ability to build subscribers and gain exposure for your brand. Yet, some risks are there, so you need to be patient and stay in the game.

4. Fortunately, there is no need for expensive resources to produce high-quality videos. Many online websites and mobile apps are available to create amazing content.

5. You are your own producer/director on YouTube, so you don’t need to worry about censorship of your content. You can reach many people anywhere with your content.

6. YouTubers have the power to change lives, inspire creativity, and make people laugh all over the world. They can do all this because of their passion for what they do.

7. YouTubers can make money from their channel by selling merchandise, signing deals with companies for sponsored videos, or even remaking their own thoughts.

8. YouTube is where viewers can interact with you directly, creating a deeper connection with you. You build an affinity with other creators, who can help you learn from their successes and failures.

9. However, it is challenging to maintain it with the demands of a thriving YouTube channel. But watching your videos go viral and getting a lot of views is a rewarding experience.

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1. YouTube can be time-consuming to maintain a channel and produce fresh content. There is a risk of negative feedback from viewers. Generating consistent income may not be easy.


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2. There is also a risk of having your account suspended, and revenue can be unpredictable and fluctuate. Monetizing a channel requires 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers.

3. It is challenging to stand out and build large subscribers, as there is a lot of competition on YouTube. In addition, copyright infringement is a big issue and can get your account in trouble.

4. YouTube may change its policies, leading to frustration for creators. YouTubers can sometimes become too reliant on YouTube and have difficulty diversifying their income.

5. YouTube may change its algorithms, affecting your ability to reach your audience. It can be frustrating and make it tricky to maintain a constant level of growth.

6. It is exhausting to keep up with the demands of a successful YouTube channel and monetize it if your videos don’t receive a lot of views. You need a set of editing skills as well.

7. If your channel gets monetized, you earn $1 for every 1000 views if your channel is a technical channel. Non-technical channels need 3000 views to make $1. Thank you.