Why YouTube Shorts are addictive?

We know the feeling of being addicted to something. Whether it’s a TV show, a video, or Facebook browsing, addiction is addiction, no matter what.

Indeed, YouTube Shorts are addictive. Whatever the reason, it’s tough not to click on the next video, whether it’s their algorithm or they’re just so darn timely.  Let’s explore.

The Algorithm: YouTube Shorts are algorithmically placed in front of users based on analytics. Users will be more likely to watch them because they are specifically targeted.

The convenience: YouTube Shorts are convenient to watch because they’re short. It means that users can watch them without having to commit to a longer video.

They’re short, usually less than a few minutes, which means you can watch many of them in a short time with different topics and genres. There’s always something new to discover.

The content: YouTube Shorts are highly engaging and entertaining due to the time limit. Thus, viewers are more likely to see them from start to finish.

Another reason YouTube Shorts are usually very entertaining. They’re always worth watching, whether they’re funny, informative, or just plain interesting.

Finally, YouTube Shorts are addictive because they’re ideally suited for sharing on social media. If you find a short that you like, you can easily share it with your loved ones.

There’s no doubt that YouTube has become one of the most popular websites. As per Alexa, it's the second most visited website after Google.

10 Effects of watching too much YouTube

1. You may become less productive

If you’re spending hours on YouTube, you’re probably not being very productive. It can be a huge time waster, and people get stuck watching video after video.

2. You may be less motivated

You may not intend to do anything other than watch YouTube. Watching videos of people doing workouts may reduce your chances of going to the gym.

3. Losing focus

It's easy to lose focus when browsing YouTube. You start watching one video, get distracted and start watching another. Before learning, you've wasted an hour or more.

If you spend all your free time watching YouTube videos and sitting in front of the PC, you may feel isolated from the world without interaction.

4. You may become isolated

5. You may become addicted

Most people use YouTube to watch the latest videos from their favorite channels. But some use YouTube to procrastinate and waste time, especially at night.

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Spending all your time watching YouTube videos can make you feel depressed. It is because you’re not doing other things that makes you happy.

6. You May Experience Depression

7. You could miss important events in your life by spending all your time on YouTube. It is especially true if you spend more time watching YouTube than with your loved ones.

If you watch YouTube videos until late at night, your sleep gets disturbed. It can negatively impact your health. Below: Pros & Cons of being a YouTuber

8. You can lose sleep.

You could get in trouble with your boss if you watch YouTube videos at work. It is when you’re watching videos that aren’t work-related.

9. You could get into trouble at work.

You need to be alert because your mobile emits radiation harmful to your health. Being isolated can make you lose your friends too.

10. If you spend more time watching YouTube