Internet Gaming Addiction: 9 Signs To Know if You've It.

We'll shed light on Internet Gaming Disorder - what it is, tests for it, and the 9 symptoms of Internet gaming addiction.

Internet gaming addiction is a growing issue, mainly among youth. There is evidence that up to 10% of all gamers are addicted. The effects of this habit on mental health can be alarming.

Gamers can become isolated, anxious, depressed, and even suicidal. In extreme cases, they are so obsessed with gaming that they ignore their health and affinities with family and friends.

What is an Internet Gaming Disorder?

A preoccupation with gaming and gaming to the point of neglecting other essential life activities characterizes Internet gaming disorder.

Those with the addiction may prioritize gaming over work, school, and social activities and lie about how much time they spend playing.

It’s common to see people playing internet games. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry, but it is difficult to distinguish between the healthy love of a game and a gaming addiction.

Test for Internet Gaming Disorder

You’ve probably heard of Internet Gaming Disorder. It’s when someone’s obsessively addicted to playing video games. Yet, it’s a mental illness that is diagnosable.

In June 2018, the WHO officially recognized internet gaming disorder as a mental health condition. There are a few ways to test whether you have such a disorder.

Internet gaming disorder test asks questions about gaming habits and whether they’ve begun intruding on your life. Next, it refers to the symptoms of your gaming disorder.

A. Lack of interest in activities outside of gaming. B. Negative moods or emotions when not gaming. C. Trouble sleeping and frequent irritability.

D. Dropping grades or losing interest in school. E. Lack of personal hygiene. F. Uncharacteristically aggressive behavior.

Internet gaming disorder symptoms

If you spend hours gaming or surfing the web and feel like you can’t get away from your mobile or PC, you may have Internet Gaming Disorder.

It’s a mental disorder that can have severe consequences if left untreated. Internet gaming addiction has some key symptoms you should watch out for to know whether you have it.

1. Spending excessive amounts of time gaming or online 2. Ignoring other areas of life in favor of time spent online 3. Increased use of internet games to achieve the desired effect

4. Preoccupation with gaming. 5. People with such a disorder experience withdrawal symptoms when they try to step away. These symptoms are irritability, anxiety, or depression.

6. The need to bet or invest money in gaming to achieve the desired effect 7. Unsuccessful attempts to cut back on gaming 8. Continuing to the game despite negative consequences

9. Isolating oneself and lying about time spent on gaming Many resources are available to help people struggling with Internet Gaming Disorder, just in case it’s not too late to try.

Internet gaming has become quite popular nowadays. But for some, their love of gaming can take a dark turn and lead to Internet Gaming Disorder.

If someone is exhibiting these symptoms, seeking help is essential. Gaming can be a fun and gentle way to spend time, but it’s crucial to be aware of the potential for addiction.