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Children Learning Reading Program – 50 Lessons

Children Learning Reading Program – 50 Lessons

Children Learning Reading is an amazing program that teaches children to read from an early age. Jim Yang designed this program to create a sound foundation for kids. The PDF, audio, and video lessons are available for download from their official website. The program uses some remarkable phonics and phonemic awareness skills to help children.

Did you know that, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 38% of grade four students have reading skills below the lowest basic level?
Jim Yang

What does this programme include?

  1. You’ll get 32 Step-by-Step Phonics Lessons. (That’s ONLY $1.21 per lesson!)
  2. Flashcards And Lesson Printouts – Hit “Print” and You’re Ready to Teach!
  3. Lesson Videos Showing How I Teach The Lessons.
  4. MP3 Audios For All The Phonics Sounds Taught.
  5. Fun Lesson Activities and Beautifully Illustrated Lesson Storybooks.
  6. Phonics games that are fun and engaging make learning fun and stress-free.
    (Jim Yang: These are games/activities I use in my reading classes.)
  7. Bonus: Children’s Favorite Nursery Rhymes Book – contains 35 fun to read rhymes.

Jim Yang, a veteran educator and father of 4 exceptional children, developed this reading program. Initially, he created this program for his children to help them learn to read before they turn three.

Children Learning Reading Program
Children Learning Reading Program

Children Learning Reading

The programme involves more than just playing a film for your kids on a computer or DVD. Parents must take part and engage in conversation with their kids. To quickly help your child become a competent reader, you simply need to devote 15 minutes every day to your workday.

Parenting has undeniably evolved into the most rewarding profession in today’s environment of rapid change. Each developmental milestone for your kids is tough and difficult. It takes a lot of work and time to raise a child from birth to adulthood. Early on, parents must develop their child’s basic abilities such as speaking, reading and writing.

According to research, the first five years of your child’s development are crucial. They leave a lifetime imprint on your child’s identity. 90% of your child’s brain develops when he reaches 3. By this time, your child has developed a general sense and can learn various skills. So this is the golden period when you can encourage a child to learn to read?

How to teach your child to read
How to teach your child to read

So, before starting school…

Before starting school, teach a child how to read at home with the help of Children Learning Reading. It is a comprehensive training course that provides youngsters as young as two or three years old with the skills they need for early reading. The curriculum offers parents structured, step-by-step training. They can educate their infants and toddlers to read in this way.

Phonemic Awareness Research

Its overall aim is to provide parents and children with comprehensive instruction in phonics and phonemic awareness. Many studies have shown that teaching your child phonemic awareness is an efficient way to help them learn how to decipher printed words.

What is Phonemic Awareness?

The capacity to hear, recognize, and manipulate the component sounds that make up words is known as phonemic awareness. Many studies conducted over the last several decades have enhanced our knowledge of phonemic awareness and its significance in assisting young readers.

Teach your child to read at an early age

Any strategy for teaching kids to read effectively must include phonics. Learning to grasp words, which is the first critical step toward proficient reading, involves teaching kids phonics and assisting them in developing phonemic awareness.

Before they begin school, children will benefit from using this tried-and-true method to learn how to read and speak complicated language. It will improve your kids’ reading comprehension and their grammar and spelling skills.

How To Help Your Child Learn To Read
Children Learning Reading Program Format

Children Learning Reading Program Format

It is an online program comprising 12 weeks of intensive training that aims at helping your child learn to read. The program is available in PDF format and is divided into two well-structured stages. Both stages comprise 50 coherent lessons. Below, we outline the key characteristics of each stage.

Children Learning Reading Program..

Stage 1: Stage 1 comprises 28 lessons and is quite basic. It features phenoms and letter recognition (the sounds of individual alphabets). It emphasizes the relationship between the sounds of letters. Your child can recognize and read simple words, short sentences, and text passages by the end of stage 1.

Stage 2: Stage 2 comprises 22 comprehensive lessons and is at an advanced level. This stage focuses solely on the abilities that your child has developed in stage 1. To generate other meaningful words, it focuses on letter combinations and letter blending.

Stage 2 includes an introduction to capitalized and bold letters, as well as more complex rhymes. So it includes a few more tough words, phrases, sentences, and sections. Your child will read more challenging words, phrases, and paragraphs after completing stage 2.

Each of the rhymes, stories, and activities in this stage is more sophisticated and complex than those in stage 1. Once more, the organisation and design of all lessons and information is intuitive. This way, your child can finish at least one lesson in one sitting.

Who can benefit from the program?
Who can benefit from the program?

Who can benefit from the program?

For kids between the ages of 2 and 9, a curriculum called “Children Learning to Read” has been created. The programme can help children as young as 2 years of age. Yet your child should have begun to speak.

Children in this age range are like a blank page. As a result, now is the most ideal moment to introduce your young children to phonemic awareness because they haven’t yet nabbed any incorrect word pronunciations.

The Children Learning Reading Program is also beneficial for students in first and second grade. You can use this outstanding reading curriculum if your child is struggling in grades 1 or 2 owing to poor reading skills.
Jim Yang

How much will it cost?

Children Learning to Read is a comprehensive set of reading programmes that includes all the reading instruction your child may need. The price of this programme is only $39. The package includes the features listed below.

  1. Stage 1: brief lesson stories
  2. Stage 2: advanced lesson stories
  3. Mp3 audio clips with the letter and alphabet sounds
  4. Common sight words
  5. Most popular children’s nursery rhymes
  6. Complete alphabet and letter sound MP3 audio
  7. Common sight words
  8. Children’s ideal nursery rhymes
  9. Lifetime program updates

This plan is available in PDF, video, audio, and consultation formats.

Refund policy

You may, however, request a refund if, after following this learning package for two months, you do not get the desired outcomes. If you’re not pleased with your child’s progress, your entire payment will be returned to you in accordance with their reimbursement policy. Within 60 days of your purchase, Jim Yang offers a 100% money-back guarantee for his reading programme.

This comprehensive reading curriculum encompasses every aspect of your children’s learning and reading. It addresses the social, cognitive, linguistic, and educational facets of your child’s growth. Besides, it has eliminated the requirement of enforcing reading skills upon your young child and the traditional method of memorizing frequently used words. Children can enhance their pronunciation skills, articulate words clearly, improve spelling abilities, and boost their self-confidence by acquiring phonics and developing phonemic awareness.

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