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Do you write about new topics, emerging technologies, or somewhat unique? If you’d like to be considered as a publishing post, here are some guidelines. We’d like to increase the diversity of voices and experiences on the planet. Your paper must be at least contain 500 words and a reflecting image, with no grammatical mistakes. There could be one reference backlink in the content. In case your piece has been published, you will get a unique backlink.

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Get in touch using our contact us form. Tell us a bit about yourself, including a link to your blog or other examples of your writing. If you’d like to pitch a post to us, the most important thing to remember is that our onlookers are primarily new and emerging ones similar to you. Do you know your piece must apply to the topic? We do not endure plagiarism, so your article must be unique.

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We accept guest posts and publish pieces that are submitted to us. Please consider reading these before submitting your post. Articles should be well written, contain helpful information, and be between 500 and 5000 words. The articles violating this limit would be rejected. If your article becomes likely to be published, you’ll receive a mail to your email address to register and subscribe in case you are not in our subscribed users.

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