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Are you someone who writes about new and interesting things, like the latest ideas or cool technologies? To ensure that your writing resonates with others, it is crucial to adhere to certain guidelines. We want to hear from many people with unique experiences. Your writing should be at least 700 words long and have a picture that goes with it. Also, make sure there are no mistakes in your writing. You can include one link in your writing to show where you got your information. If we publish your writing, you’ll get a special link back to it.

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If you’re interested in sharing your thoughts with us, here’s how you can do it: Use the form below to share your thoughts. Share a little about yourself, e.g., your blog or other writing you’ve done. If you have any writing ideas to suggest, please keep in mind that our readers are primarily new and emerging, just like yourself. We’ll appreciate your contribution! Make sure you relate your writing to the topic you cover. We don’t allow copying from other sites, so your writing needs to be all your own and unique. We’re excited to hear from you!

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We are happy to accept guest posts and share the pieces that people send to us. Before you send your writing, please read these rules. Ensure that your articles meet the following criteria: well-written, contain useful information, and fall within the word count range of 700 to 2000. We won’t be able to accept articles that are too short or too long. Also, there is no charge for posting your article. If we like your article and want to publish it, we’ll email you. You’ll need to register if you haven’t already. Thank you for considering sharing your writing with us!


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Always keep in mind that our audience, just like you, has a craving for something extraordinary that is unavailable elsewhere. If you’d like to be considered a publishing post, here are some policy guidelines before posting an article.

Remember that we will not accept articles criticizing any community, country, or state at all. We will not accept any articles related to sexual bidding or gambling. Your article should not fall under the category of plagiarism or counterfeiting. You will be responsible for any grammatical mistakes. Otherwise, you will find your paper in a rubbish bin. The Hemingway App enhances your writing by making it bold and impeccably clear. Please include a brief description (about 50–150 words). It will appear at the start of your blog posts.
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