12 Word text, a secret signal to get him back!


“Here is a secret signal to get him back: 12 word text! He was a bit flirtatious at the beginning. But as you find out, he is looking for a way to reconnect with another woman, and it becomes more serious. His family and friends have warned him he’s in danger of ruining your relationship, but he thinks he can get away with it. Well, if you want to get him back, you’re going to have to do something unexpected. You need to send him some secret signals showing how much he means to you.”

12 Word text to get him back

Keeping a man engaged for a long time can be challenging. But it’s not always your fault. Sometimes they lose interest, and it may take a while for them to come back to it again. This article will provide you with the 12-word text you can use to get him on board. Some of the 12 words that you can use to win your man back over are ‘I’m sorry, I miss you, and Will you do me a favor?’ It may sound simple, but this phrase can be enough to win your man back over. This gets his attention and makes him think about his time with you.

It’s been a while since you two were together. It is imperative to note that when a man leaves a woman, he’s looking for a way to connect with another one. He may be working on his ego and feeling the need to prove himself. The most effective thing you can do is do your part not to react. There’s no point in trying to get him back by reverting; it will only make things worse.

He likely feels lost without you by his side and might be looking for someone to take your place. He may find another woman willing to listen to his problems or who will provide him with attention and care. So if he contacts you about getting back together, don’t take the bait or act like everything is okay. This will only give him reasons not to come back.

12 Word text, a secret signal to get him back!
12 Word text, a secret signal to get him back!

12 Word text signal to get him back after a breakup!

If someone broke up with us and then got back together, he might not have been looking for a romantic partner. He’d be looking for a way to connect with another woman. The moment a relationship breaks up is often emotionally devastating. That’s why it benefits us when there are numerous ways to try to get him back without expecting him to come again.

While dating apps and other online platforms can help in this process, once he finds out his significant other has dumped him, you may find yourself wondering how and when to start asking for the promised things. And if all you wanted from him was sex, you’ll most likely only get it.

Breakups are very emotional and leave every relationship grappling with its own issues. In the best-case scenario, if you stay on that side for about two years, you will have no way of dating again. But what happens if you decide to move back and want to settle down? Well, precisely, no one knows what you like and how much he appreciates your existence. So here are some top tips on how to feed 12-word text to send to get him back after a breakup:

1. Send him a message saying ‘I love you’ or something similar

It can be as simple as writing it into your phone. It’s good for him, too. Of course, if this were any other thing, you wouldn’t say it to this guy. But once he sees the text, you can tell because what he’d look at would most likely be a picture of you with a smiling face — I know exactly what I look like!

12 Word text, a secret signal to get him back! Often those little things that first attracted you to your partner can turn into bad, annoying habits. Learn to love your fellow and all. Don’t try to turn them into something they are not. After all, you just fell in love with them as they were.
12 words, a secret signal to get him back! Often those seemingly insignificant things that first attracted you to your partner can turn into illogical, annoying habits. Love your fellow man and everyone around you. Don’t try to turn them into something they are not. After all, you just fell in love with them as they were.

2. Offer him a little gift

Perhaps give him a delicious bottle of wine or a chocolate bar when he gets shopping. Not every man likes gifts, and nothing says “I care” more than a candy bar after he’s seen what you care about. You don’t need to get creative here — you can make him happy and give him something he enjoys for real; you can offer a pre-planned gift as well.

3. Ask him to meet up with you

This is probably the most cheesy line in the book; text him to meet somewhere if you want to talk more. And if he asks you to take a hike, you’re doing him a disservice. He will never get another woman while you still have him! Don’t worry, he’s just lonely and needs to vent. If you want to explore 12-word text, I suggest you grab a book written by James Bauer, his secret obsession.

4. Tell him it’s time to let go

If he feels he can’t move on from anything he did, he’ll never have a chance to take someone out on a date. You should always text him, to tell the truth, if he’s capable of feeling remorseful in front of you and telling you his feelings.

5. Spend his birthday alone

That way, he gets to spend his special day with his family and friends. He hasn’t had a minute to himself in the last two weeks; you two are bound to be on his mind and making him anxious. Even if he does, he won’t get a day off from work. Once his mom and dad drop him off and then go to the nightclub, he’s already made it difficult enough for them to have fun. You can pick him up and go somewhere lovely, like a spa or a park, to chill out. Your personal space can do wonders when trying to get him back and overcome heartbreak. I think you understand.

6. Go on a nice coffee date

If he’s still single, you can send a text inviting him to your favorite place and make sure he sits next to you. Make sure he talks about the last few hours with his family and friends. Take a walk in the park or do some hiking and sit next to him. If they come back and say hi, it’s a great ending.

7. Be supportive of him

Don’t scold him for his mistakes if he makes a stupid mistake. Instead, support him and remind him he’s not alone. While he might struggle through tough times, this isn’t necessarily the most appropriate advice. Especially when he’s hurting, support him no matter what you feel about what happened. As long as it doesn’t affect anyone else — even though he needs one of you — there’s only one way to fix it (and that’s with others), and you can’t control him, so be there for him no matter what comes.

8. Surprise him with the new friend

You could surprise him with a mate who starts the first week of the month – it never rains on him! If this sounds lame, trust me: it isn’t, and it has never been that way. There are times when all you’re looking at is evidence that he loves you more than anything else. You’ve only been seeing the signs for a couple of months now, so it might take a year before she tells everyone that he loves you.

9. Let him win

If he hasn’t won yet, don’t give him anything, especially financially. Remember, he’s just a piece of meat. He probably won’t want to come back if he steals everything you have. Be yourself. Show him that you don’t play games and have serious intentions. Also, if he’s ready to get back with you and leave the other woman, don’t make him jealous if he’s on a date with someone else.

10. Bring him over for dinner

You can have dinner with him here and there. It’s a small sacrifice compared to the number of rejections you had to endure. This is because he had to choose between you and the person he used to cheat on you with.

James Bauer’s book, His Secret Obsession, introduces the 12-word text to get him back! It will always plague you with guilt and worry if you hide certain facts about your past from your loved ones.

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11. Say hello to a new friend

If he’s getting closer to being able to hang out with everyone else in town, you might want to invite him over to your house. Everyone thinks you have lots of money, but you aren’t. Also, even though this isn’t a big deal, giving him a handout can be pretty helpful at the beginning.

12. Stop talking & texting

Stop talking to him right now if he hasn’t gotten the hint because he seems to get upset rapidly and without warning. He also dislikes it when you stand there staring at him with your mouth open. Yet, if he’s in a pleasant mood, he might just wave at you. It’s not a huge deal!

Dealing with a breakup to get him back

12 Word text, a secret signal to get him back!
12-word text to get him back!

There is nothing more painful than seeing someone who has hurt or betrayed you or never called back after being happy with someone. The pain makes you feel like you can’t breathe, but there are ways to overcome it. Sometimes this may include talking about what happened so that you don’t have to cope with it alone.

Breaking a heart is an emotionally devastating situation. It varies between individuals, but usually, it is a feeling of not recovering from deep suffering, grief, and pain in a short period of time. It is a state of mind that someone is having pain for no reason. You may feel mood swings or depression, as usually occurs with drug addicts.

Handling yourself in heartbreak is an art. But this does not mean that you cannot take some help from science. There are many studies that analyze what has happened and how to deal with it. For those of you with a broken heart, these three strategies are helpful:

  1. Think about bad things about your ex.
  2. Accept the feeling of love of your ex-lover.
  3. Think of good ideas to divide yourself with your ex.

None of these is suitable in itself. But three together reduce your emotional reactions toward an ex-partner, and you’re psychologically ready to move ahead in the cycle of life. Love is a biological fact of our human lives. But many people have difficulty dealing with it: they tend to get hurt and reject new lovers. Think about your situation, but don’t be angry if God has given you lots of love affairs. Try again and again, learn from your failures, and get better so that when love comes next time, you’ll see it coming, smile, and catch it!

Tips for laying a solid foundation in a relationship

There’s a desire to respect masculinity and lie down at his feet in every woman’s mind. Yet, it is when a man also lives a dignified and spectacular life that makes the difference. Nature has not discriminated between men and women. Still, there seems to be an inclination in every country and society that women don’t get many opportunities. That’s why being a grand lady is on-demand, no matter how your husband is.

Number one, to be an excellent life partner, you must share your joy and sorrows, understand everything in your man’s mind, and love him a lot. Don’t let yourself get distracted by anything else.

Second, if he wants to spend time with his friends or do something adventurous, don’t stop him. He will also be happier and will accept your favor. It would be helpful if you tried to meet their needs and take care of them as well.

Next, enhance your relationship with lots of closeness and love. Trust your relationship, and don’t undermine it. Keep laughing and joking with each other. Spend time with him in peace by sending him texts that he enjoys reading. Your silence will also heighten your relationship.

Make sure your man enjoys spending most of his time with you, not with his friends or family members. He must come to you whenever he wants to talk about his mind.

Next to be noted, whatever dreams you have, try to meet them together. If you have goals, your bond can suffer if neither of the two’s dreams is realized. There is no right or wrong age to find love because falling in love or finding love is one of the most beautiful feelings that everyone can experience.

Things that we guess before relationships

Every age group of women looks for honesty towards men. Yet, grown women give it even more emphasis, as they have no time to smash. She wants men to be emotionally straightforward with her. That’s why a section of young women gives more attention to a man who sees life as they like to see it.

Eventually, a sophisticated woman knows the value of saying “I love you”. When she says she loves you, it means you’re exceptional. This will leave no doubt in the man’s mind that his girl cares for him from the bottom of her heart. Confident women know what they prefer and will never engage in a relationship with someone who isn’t willing to pursue it or plays with their emotions.

12 Word text, a secret signal to get him back! Settle your sex life. It may go downhill over the years, don’t just accept it. When you notice it, address it with your partner and determine why and how to bring the passion back. Maybe one of you prefers…
12 Word text, a secret signal to get him back! Settle your sex life now. It may go downhill over the years, don’t just accept it. When you notice it, address it with your partner and determine why and how to bring the passion back. Maybe one of you prefers…


One of the most critical things in a relationship is communication. Communicating with your partner keeps both of you feeling positive and connected. Whenever you have anything on your mind, speak up. It can be difficult to be fortunate in a relationship when it looks like you’re keeping secrets from each other. 12-word texts are effective for sending your message without overwhelming your partner or worrying about using too many words. Using just 12 words can lead to an engaging conversation that will make both of you feel loved and valued.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of the 12-word text that helps you get him back, it might be helpful to consider watching the free video here. Suppose you’ve been abusive in the past. Apologize and ask for forgiveness. Don’t justify your behavior. It’s a waste of time because you already know that you were wrong, so there is no need to keep saying it over and over again. Be remorseful and firm about not doing this again. Think of ways that help both of you fall back into love again. Take a look here to learn more about how to unlock a man’s deepest desires and find his secret obsession.


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