Hero instinct 12 words review, 14 striking ways to trigger!

His Secret Obsession and the concept of “Hero Instinct 12 Words” are two effective self-help hooks for transforming a relationship. This book will help you achieve a healthy relationship with your man or make him want you. James Bauer, a psychologist, and author of the book, spent 12+ years as a relationship coach, assisting thousands of women with their issues. Along with buying the book, the buyer will get an audio track to guide a person through a series of tricks and tips.

Hero instinct 12 words review!

This review is for those women who want to find out the truth about their partner. The most useful thing about the book is that it’s easy to read and understand, which means anyone can take advantage of its advice. Let’s look at the hero instinct: 12 words review and learn about 14 striking ways to trigger a man’s hero instinct!

This book shares many secrets about men and their genuine passions. Plus, it shows some signs you can use to make him even more enamored of your advantages. One of the essential points in this work is how to have a healthy relationship with your man.

His secret obsession, a guide to strengthening his relationship with you!
His secret obsession, a guide to strengthening his relationship with you!

His secret obsession, a guide to strengthening his relationship with you!

His secret obsession guide shows how to tap into a man’s hero instinct and turn it on. This is so that the energy of that innate biological instinct can flow into his romantic relationship. His secret obsession claims to show the tools any woman can use to make her life partner more committed to the relationship. This book brings you authentic and scientifically proven information so that you can act accordingly. The guide covers the central four points.

  1. Attraction Stage
  2. Dating but Falling Apart Stage
  3. Re-Spark Stage
  4. Ex-Back Stage

It acts like a dating coach who specializes in helping women unlock the secret to a man’s heart. His secret obsession is the most direct route to getting something you deeply desire—the blend to open his heart and make it yours forever. The book gives you a lock-picking set. With this tool, you can capture and record your man’s hidden desires.

This book is also for women who hold an attraction to a guy who treats them kindly but without that remarkable possessive quality that defines a romantic relationship. She is friends with the guy, maybe even casually dating. But she’s not sure if he wants anything else.

The writer of the book, his secret obsession, is James Bauer, a well-known psychologist with a Ph.D. As per James, the one thing men are universally obsessed with is feeling. A feeling that he’s been chasing his whole life but has never been satisfied with life or love.

According to the book, his secret obsession, if your man is drifting away, send him this 12 word text and see how quickly he comes running into your arms. These 12 word recitations trigger intense feelings of love and innate attraction to you within his chest.

So let’s review different aspects related to this book.

What is his secret obsession hero instinct 12 word text?

Look, we all have our minor obsessions. The things that we can’t get enough of and can’t help but think about all the time. For some people, it’s a favorite TV show or celebrity; for others, it’s a particular type of food or hobby. But for many of us, the object of our obsession is much more personal. It’s our phone.

Our phones have become a constant presence in our lives. They are the first thing we reach for in the morning and the last thing we see at night. We use them to stay connected with our loved ones, to stay informed about the world around us, and to entertain ourselves when we’re bored.

But there is another reason why our phones have become such a big part of our lives. They are a way to escape the mundane reality of our lives and into a world of infinite possibilities.

For many of us, a 12 word text message is our secret obsession. It’s a way to connect with someone without the commitment of a phone call or face-to-face conversation. It’s a way to say what we’re thinking without having to say it out loud. And it’s a way to keep our thoughts and feelings to ourselves.

Hero instinct’s 12 word text message is the ideal form of communication for those who fear commitment or have difficulty expressing themselves. It’s a way to stay connected to the people we care about without putting ourselves out there.

So if you’re someone who loves to text, or if you’re someone who has a hard time expressing yourself, the hero instinct 12 word text message is the perfect way to communicate. It’s simple, concise, and convenient to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself. Using “I” statements is a helpful way to communicate effectively and keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself.

For example, “I feel like I’m being ignored” is a much better way to communicate your feelings than “You’re ignoring me.” Using “I” statements helps the other person focus on your emotions, not your reaction or what they may have done wrong. For example, “I feel like you’re not listening to me,” instead of “You’re not listening to me.”

The first sentence is a feeling that the speaker is experiencing. The second sentence is a statement of fact. I feel like I’m being suffocated, not that you’re suffocating me. You must understand what the author must have been saying throughout this course material.

Man’s Hero Instinct: I don’t want to be your hero!

His secret obsession, the hero instinct 12 words review! Get access now.
His secret obsession, the hero instinct 12 words review! Get access now.

A hero is one who devotes his life to something broader than himself. Heroes are made in times of defeat, so success is a series of glorious failures. When the man looks at his wife’s stern face, he has no idea what she’s thinking about and how to fix her foul mood.

It can be challenging if he suffers from his problems. Maybe he’s had a bad day at work or something similar. When we hear our loved ones say I don’t need your help repeatedly, we start to wonder if there’s more to it than meets the eye.

If someone understands the degree of responsibility that comes with independence, they can be your hero. You want a man who will sacrifice everything to save you or your loved ones. Then things get to calm down a bit.

What does it mean to be a hero?

To have a positive relationship with your man, you need to understand that we’re all born with an innate desire—nay, even a compulsion—to save the day. It’s what drives us when someone is in need. We feel compelled to step in when someone needs help crossing the street. When we do things for others, we feel happy about them and want to make them better. Our efforts often aren’t appreciated, but that doesn’t stop us from doing them.

The reality of hero instinct!

The term ‘hero instinct’ has become popular lately, especially as people share it on the web and social media. According to various sources, ‘Hero instinct’ is an innate desire in every human being from birth.

It is a natural response that compels us to rush toward danger when we see another person or animal suffering. However, most men do not feel obligated to save women because they fear getting hurt.

That many women risk their lives by rushing into dangerous situations doesn’t help either. Based on the suits, once a woman triggers a man’s hero instinct, she can make him fall in love with her.

But the question remains: how can you call on your man to rescue you? The answer lies in understanding the psychology behind the so-called hero instinct.

To find out how to trigger a man’s hero instinct, here are 12 words for you! Let’s dive more in-depth into it. This article aims to clarify what Hero Instinct 12 words are, and why you should use them.

This is about how to trigger your man’s hero instinct.
This is about how to trigger your man’s hero instinct.

How does knowing your man’s hero instinct help you?

Women are naturally adept at taking care of their loved ones. They are selfless, caring, and loving beings who can read emotions better than their male peers. Unfortunately, with romantic relationships with men, women forget they must take care of themselves, too.

Men have a hero instinct, so they dislike seeing the woman they love injured. When you know how he wants you and make him want you more by being yourself and having a healthy relationship, he will stop feeling like he needs to save you all the time because you’ll be doing fine on your own.

It doesn’t mean that he will consider you helpless. But in contrast, it will make him more attracted to you, and he’ll want to be the ‘hero’ that you are seeking. When you don’t make him feel you do not need him, he will urge you to help and do anything for you.

You should remember that the man you’re dating is already interested in you, so there is no point trying to woo him. Be the happiest version of yourself and let him fall head over heels in love with the real you!

His Secret Obsession: Secret signals!
His Secret Obsession: Secret signals!

Hero instinct and secret signals!

When a man knows she is his first and last love, he does not want any signals from her. You like him and have a healthy relationship with him. But if you have done something wrong, the man needs some kind of sign that you know how much you hurt him and that you are sorry for it.

This can help him forgive you faster. The thing is that the primary reason men cheat on their wives or girlfriends is the lack of attention they get from them. However, the more time you spend together, the more attached you become.

So make sure you have a healthy relationship with your man and make him want you! Every man has a secret obsession that he can’t share with everyone. Hero instinct 12 words tell you what the man wants from you. If a man loves you, he’ll never let go of the opportunity to share secrets with you.

He hesitates to mention his ex’s mistakes, for instance. Instead of criticizing her behavior, he says everything was his fault because he didn’t listen to her. Therefore, men rarely blame the women they love for anything terrible in their lives.

This book will teach you about many more secret signals you need to take action instantly. Here is the link you can download now.

Hero complex meaning?

You’ve probably heard that men love the idea of ​​an intelligent woman but don’t want to date anyone. It is because a man feels less like a man when his partner doesn’t need him. But what if you could be wise, confident, and independent while still triggering a man’s instinct to find someone who fulfills his desire?

A hero complex is an unhealthy sense of blame or a belief that everyone else can’t perform one or more tasks successfully. Such kind of person may feel an ongoing need to “save” others and do more on their own. The hero complex comes from entering a competition that pits your skills against the talents of others. You can win or not.

Your relationship is constantly getting stronger or weaker, as it never stays the same. Change does not happen in a linear fashion, but it is bidirectional. It means that the feelings of romantic love for you in his heart may arise again. The dire news is that most women don’t have a fighting chance.

And that is because they don’t recognize the root cause of a man’s growing interest in him. Everything changes if you understand what drives a man and why some men become obsessed with the joy of the woman they have chosen. Suddenly you see clearly. You’ll know what you need to accomplish.

Hero instinct 12 word text revealed!

A recent study has revealed the 12-word text that is said to trigger the so-called “hero instinct” in men. Relationship expert James Bauer researched that men are hard-wired to respond to specific phrases that make them feel needed and appreciated.

According to Bauer, the hero instinct is “a powerful, primal urge to step up and protect someone else.” And while it might not be as visible as other instincts, he says it is a compelling motivator for men.

The 12-word text that is said to trigger the hero instinct is: “I need you. I want you. You’re the best.” Bauer says these words activate the three key things men look for in a relationship: love, admiration, and respect. If you’re looking to trigger the hero instinct in your man, try these 12-word text phrases.

Make him fall in love
Make him fall in love

14 striking ways to trigger a man’s hero instincts!

Having the hero instinct implies that men are looking for something “more” that is beyond love or sex. Thus, men who “have everything” are still unhappy and constantly searching for something else.

You, as a woman, are in a unique position to fulfill this desire, and your man will be happy when you do.

It will delight him when he makes you smile, but he can never get enough of you. Here’s a list of 14 surprising ways to trigger his hero instinct that will help you when the book course passes through!

1. By maintaining a sense of being happier and more committed to each other!

The perfect gift for a man is a need that he can fulfill. Let’s know this. See, what makes a man happy is earning genuine respect for his ability to provide for others. It makes him feel like he matters. If you could give your man one gift, the most valuable gifts are those that improve a person’s happiness and life satisfaction.

Unfortunately, that basic desire to feel needed is missing in most modern relationships. Women who are fast know how to trigger it again and again. And they do it in a way that makes him feel happier and more committed than ever.

2. Try to put your man’s potential energy into your relationship!

Men love spirited competition and do not hesitate to compete. Competitive sports drive boys’ social interactions on school playgrounds. As they age, they put their energy into work, physical fitness, human toys, or other adventures.

What if you could put all that energy into his relationship with you? You can do this by flipping a switch. A switch in his biological response system. A button that causes him to see his relationship with you as his last chance to prove himself as a man.

3. Try to understand the man’s hidden emotional need!

A hidden emotional need in a man’s heart makes him feel unsatisfied constantly. Most men don’t know what it is, and it’s tied to the quality of their relationships. Once a woman clicks with him, he jumps overboard to prove his love for her.

Every man has a unique emotional need that seldom gets satisfied. Mystical allure works up to a limit to satisfy this emotional need in men. In addition, if you feel a special connection, you’re destined to be together because of that connection.

Only by satisfying a man’s hidden emotional needs can you succeed in winning his heart. This will enable him to extend to the ends of the earth to please her. Dear friend, I think you understand what the author wants to say.

4. Be ever happy in your man’s presence!

At the beginning, most men want a deeply passionate romantic relationship. They want more than what they want. Building an affinity for them is like investing in them. He won’t be serious about a relationship until he sees a way to “invest” in something that gives him a sense of meaning and purpose as a man. It’ll help if you consider the long-term value, not how it feels now. It sounds like he likes you, but something is holding him back. He is holding back because he needs to make another kind of investment.

5. Change your tone in front of him!

A relationship has a secret ingredient that makes one long for the passionate, deep love of the other. Without it, they’ll always have one foot out the door.

You can’t make someone fall in love with you, but you can change the conversation between the two. Proper interaction can force a man to see you in a different light.

You can only do this if you pick a particular conversation with him. It is because another woman locks herself in an open seat where this kind of conversation is possible.

Look, a man craves a specific “secret ingredient” in a relationship that is more than just attraction and pleasant chemistry.

Most women and men are unaware it even exists. It’s what separates “like” from “love.” So when it’s missing, “like” and “love” become equal.

Then a man might be attracted to a woman and tell her he loves her, but he’ll always wonder if she is “The one.”

You may believe that if you could see into a man’s heart, you could use this “secret ingredient” to attract and commit to him.

You’ll know how to make him happier than any other woman. This will enable you to get a man to open up his heart and dedicate his love to you and only you.

6. Simplicity is the secret sauce of your success, triggering the hero instinct!

In the course material, you’ll learn men’s psychology. Most men want a deeply passionate romantic relationship and want more than what you expect. But this problem isn’t apathy but entropy.

  • Apathy: Lack of drive or motivation to do something.
  • Entropy: The natural law of the universe states that order gives way to discord.

There is a thorn in the side of his relationship with you. He doesn’t know which way to go, so this is not indifference; this is entropy.

Therefore, simplicity is the secret sauce to your success. To be happy and prosperous in relationships, you must learn to focus on a small set of things that are much more significant.

Just focus on what matters. Do less and get more. Here you can find out how to minimize and yet still get more from your relationship.

7. Meet his need to prove his worth!

Modern man’s sense of meaning and purpose has historically rested on a solid foundation. A man’s sense of well-being stems from adventure, challenge, and the need to prove his worth. 

Without these challenges, he feels lost. And in this modern age, men are moving away from committed relationships with single women. He doesn’t need her. So he looks elsewhere to make his mark on the world. 

He says that he is not ready for commitment yet. Let him pursue new challenges to prove his worth. No problem if it’s wielding you. Try to meet his need to prove his worth. Let him be your prince charming.

8. Learn to open the floodgates for his secret obsession!

What does it mean when a man stops trying? It means that something is missing in the relationship. What he needs is to feel fully alive as a man. The missing thing I want to tell you is a passion that all men have. But they rarely talk about it unless they are a psychologist with a Ph.D. like James. As soon as you know what it is, it becomes apparent how you can use it to your advantage.

When a guy stops trying, it’s because he has no way out of this “obsession,” or at least not in his relationship with you. As a result, your affinity withers and dies. But it’s not too late. It’ll help if you open the floodgates for his obsession. Activate his hero instinct by using natural means. Then it will funnel his energy into his relationship with you. Afterward, you sit back and watch him work to turn the relationship into something beautiful. 

Hero instinct 12 words review!
Hero instinct 12 words review!

9. To trigger his hero instinct, be the center of his world, and offer challenges!

If this sounds weird, that’s because it is. Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. And so is the case with a person’s deep yearning to test one’s strengths and abilities.

Let’s say you’re a woman who is in a relationship but worries that your feelings of passion and commitment exceed his. Don’t worry; take it deep. Try to meet his every need and be the center of his world, which tickles him.

The woman who captures his attention will be the one who makes him feel like a man. The natural yin and yang of complementary opposites allows you to bring out his masculinity. You can do this by giving him challenges.

You’ll force him to face these challenges. Otherwise, they will not work. And he has to believe that the results matter to you, or he will get bored with the relationship. So offering challenges is another way to trigger a natural hero instinct for taking your connection to the next level.

10. Draw a picture to capture his desire for a memorable adventure!

Guys want a committed relationship, too. Suppose you are in a relationship with someone you love. You can tell he likes you (a lot), but he’s hesitant to make a special commitment or promise for his future. 

He feels he can no longer pursue the most vital drive a man has. Okay, then let’s work on achieving something worthwhile. 

Join him in making your mark on his world unless he’s not ready to settle down until he’s made his mark on this world. Draw a picture to take his desire for a meaningful adventure and drive it toward your relationship. 

You’ll see that commitment becomes a crucial part of his accomplishments. Many women take it upon themselves to build momentum in a romantic relationship. They all work. It’s time to stop all the work. 

Channel your man’s energy into your relationship with yourself. Stop swimming “against the current” in your romantic relationship. Instead of fighting the current, learn to ride it.

11. Turn your thoughts in the same direction as your man!

It’s no coincidence that your thoughts don’t turn in the same direction as your men. There is a hidden male obsession, and secrecy combines this obsession.

Have you ever felt like you were instantly making progress with your man and didn’t know what would happen next? You hit something special that day. You see, all men share some secret passion.

These are things they can’t directly ask for because they work on a deeper level of the male psyche. Yet those obsessions provide a backdoor that allows anyone with the right tools to hack and steal the code.

Imagine him holding the key to a unique combination of desires, things that fill his heart with joy. And imagine if you could arm yourself with those desires.

You will become the center of his world. When you get to the book, his secret obsession, you will learn about the back door that can reveal his most profound needs and desires.

12. First, agree on something that bothers many women!

Why do men happily sacrifice life and limb in war but act selfishly and lazily in relationships? Suppose you’re frustrated with guys or the man you’re dating or have a lover or family member in the military. So how can you reverse it?

The basic idea of ​​overcoming this is that you can get attention by first agreeing to something that bothers many women. Point out how men often act selfishly and lazy, and vice versa, when working selflessly. (While sacrificing to protect others). By doing this, you trigger the hero instinct in your man.

Here, take advantage of your man’s weakness that makes him biologically wired to be competitive. The need to prove themselves and win motivates men to direct their energy into careers, hobbies, workouts, etc.

By doing so, you can rush your man’s enthusiastic drive into his relationships so that he becomes obsessed with winning you over every day.

13. Force his natural hero instincts to work for your relationship rather than against him.

If you’re one of those women who works out with a man and has some chemistry, but you’re competing with others to get his undivided attention. The nature of his personality causes him to flirt with many women and resist committing to just one. This formula triggers the desire he needs. There needs to be some openness in the relationship.

If there is no openness in your relationship, there seems to be a big dam restricting flow. Imagine that your man’s needs are like a constantly flowing river, a giant dam that holds a vast river that always flows along the path of least resistance.

So, how much pressure builds up behind that dam? Opening outlets for the things he needs to succeed in a relationship is mandatory. Let him meet his needs by opening an alternative path; the water will naturally flow into that new opening.

It is the most prominent reason men have affairs (even men who still love their partner). Another woman comes along and fulfills his need to feel important. It is, therefore, necessary to follow the example of other women who have created an outlet for the pressure building up behind the dam.

14. You just need to restore the balance and let nature run its course!

In this modern age, man’s natural tendency is to distance himself. In the past, a man’s natural tendency to take on the role of a provider made him seek a commitment to a woman. It was something charming, something organic and spontaneous.

Social reforms have given women the rights they always deserved. Unfortunately, it’s also taken something too far. In an age where women no longer need a man for a specific job, we have lost something.

A man no longer sees a committed relationship as an outlet for his instincts to do something meaningful and find his purpose.

Your relationship with him might benefit from diverting that natural tendency. Your body knows how to heal itself. You just need to restore balance.

A relationship is no different. If you feel a special connection, your connection with each other was a divine gift. The key is to let nature run its course.

There is no need for medication, as it always has side effects and causes long-distance relationships. Get in tune with nature to fix the underlying problem.

Let’s come to the hero instinct 12 word text.

12 words text to say to a man!

When you gesture or express yourself, you are sending body language messages. According to some studies, our words convey only about 9% of our messages. Besides our words, our body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions provide the rest of the hidden messages.

It’s not always easy to find the right words to say to a man, but sometimes just a few simple words can make all the difference. Here are 12 words to speak to a man that will make him feel loved, appreciated, and respected: It is my personal opinion.

  1. I Love You” – These three brief words mean so much and can make a big difference in a relationship.
  2. Thank You” – Whether for a kind deed, a gift, or just for being who he is, expressing gratitude is always a friendly gesture.
  3. I’m sorry” – We all make mistakes, and sometimes we need to apologize. I was saying sorry shows that we care about the relationship and want to make things right.
  4. I Believe In You” – Every man needs someone in his corner who believes in him and his ability to achieve great things.
  5. “You’re Important To Me” – Letting a man know that he is important to you and that you care about him is always good.
  6. I’m Proud Of You” – Telling a man that you are proud of him, his accomplishments, and who he is as a person is a great way to show your support.
  7. I’m Here For You” – letting a man know that you are there for him, no matter what, is a meaningful way to show your love and support.
  8. Your Thoughts Matter To Me” – letting a man know that you value his thoughts and opinions is a great way to show your respect.
  9. You’re Not Alone” – sometimes, we all need to feel like we’re not alone, that someone understands what we’re going through. Letting a man know you are there for him is a great way to show your support.
  10. You’re Special To Me” – telling a man that he is unique to you is a great way to make him feel loved and appreciated.
  11. I Appreciate You” – Thanking a man for everything he does for you is a great way to show your gratitude.
  12. You’re Worth It” – letting a man know that he is worth investing in and that you believe in him is a great way to boost his confidence and morale.

How to make a man obsessed with you: psychology?

No matter how fabulous and flawless your partner may seem, no one is an expert. Be careful about putting someone up a notch, especially in the early stages of your relationship. When two people express gratitude, positive energy flows between them. In order to make a man obsessed with you, there are several psychological tricks you can use. Here are 12 words that can make him instantly obsessed:

  1. Admire

He will automatically become more obsessed with you when you admire something about him. For example, you can say, “I admire your ambition” or “I think it’s really sexy that you’re so driven.”

  1. Appreciate

If you show appreciation for something he does, he will become even more obsessed with trying to please you. For example, you can say, “I appreciate how you always take care of me,” or “I love that you are always there for me when I need you.”

  1. Arouse

You can arouse a man’s obsession by being a little naughty. For example, you can send him a flirty text message or give him a seductive look.

  1. Challenge

Men are obsessed with challenges, so if you can give him one, he will become even more obsessed with you. For example, you can say, “I bet you can’t make me laugh,” or “I challenge you to a game of tennis.”

  1. Compliment

Compliments are always a sure-fire way to make someone more obsessed with you. For example, you can say, “You always look so handsome” or “I love the way you kiss me.”

  1. Connect

You can make a man feel more connected to you by sharing your feelings and experiences with him. For example, you can say, “I’ve never felt that way before,” or “I can’t stop thinking about you.”

  1. Confide

When you confide in someone, it makes them feel unique and essential. For example, you can say, “I need to tell you something” or “Can I trust you with a secret?”

  1. Flatter

Flattery will get you everywhere with men! For example, you can say, “You have the funniest sense of humor” or “You are the most attractive man I have ever met.”

  1. Touch

Touch him often if you want to make a man obsessed with you. For example, you can feel his arm when you talk to him, put your hand on his back when you walk next to him or hug him.

  1. Tease

Teasing is a great way to make a man obsess over you. For example, you can say, “You’re such a geek,” or “You’re always so serious.”

His secret obsession, the hero instinct 12 words review! Watch a gratis video to learn more now!
His secret obsession, the hero instinct 12 words review! Watch a gratis video to learn more now!

Secret words to make him fall in love with you!

Do you want to make him fall in love with you? Of course, you do! Who wouldn’t want the man of their dreams to be head over heels in love with them?

There are some secret words that you can use to make him fall in love with you. If you say these words to him, he’ll see you as the woman of his dreams, and he’ll be head over heels in love with you in no time!

Here are the words you need to make him fall in love with you:

“I’m so grateful to you.”

When you express gratitude towards him, it makes him feel appreciated and loved. He’ll notice how much you appreciate him and fall in love with you.

“I’m so lucky to be with you.”

When you tell him how lucky you feel to be with him, it makes him feel loved and appreciated. He’ll catch how much you love him and begin to fall in love with you.

“I love you.”

These three letters are the most powerful words you can say to him. When you tell him you love him, it will melt his heart, and he’ll fall in love with you.

“I need you.”

When you tell him that you need him, it shows that you are vulnerable and rely on him for support and love. It is crucial to get him to fall in love with you forever.

“I don’t want to be your hero.”

This phrase expresses your feelings of being overwhelmed and not wanting the responsibility of being the one who always has to save the day. It also shows that you will be vulnerable and need him to be there for you.

“Thank you.”

When you thank him, it shows that you appreciate him and all he does for you. It is a simple way to make him feel loved and appreciated, and it is a vital part of getting him to fall in love with you forever.

“I’m sorry.”

Admitting when you’re wrong is a big part of getting him to fall in love with you forever. By apologizing, you show him you will work on the relationship and value his forgiveness.

An idea of 12 word text to get him to commit!

Are you hoping to get your guy to commit to a relationship? If so, you may wonder about the most efficient way to go about it.

One method you can try is to send him a text message that will just be a choice out of 12 words. It may seem like a quick message. However, if you choose your words carefully, it may be just what you need for him to commit to you finally.

Here are some ideas for what you could include in your 12 word text:

  1. “I’m ready for a relationship if you are.”
  2. “I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately.”
  3. “I’m not interested in dating anyone else.”
  4. “I want to be with you.”

Sending him a text like this will show him you are serious about a relationship. It will also show him you are ready to take things to the next level. It may just be the push he needs to commit to you finally.

12 word text messages to make him want you!

In love, sometimes the minor things can make the most significant difference. Just a few words can let your special someone know how you feel, which can be powerful.

If you’re looking to make your guy want you sending him a short but sweet text message, can do the trick. Whether you are flirty, cute, or romantic, we have the definitive list of words to make your boyfriend think about you all day long.

Here are 12 words, sweet texts to send your guy that will make him want you:

  1. “I’m thinking about you.”
  2. “I can’t stop thinking about you.”
  3. “I miss you.”
  4. “I can’t wait to see you.”
  5. “I can’t wait to touch you.”
  6. “I’m counting down the days until I see you.”
  7. “I’m so excited to be with you.”
  8. “I’m so lucky to have you.”
  9. “You’re the happiest thing that ever happened to me.”
  10. “I love you.”
  11. “I’m falling more in love with you every day.”
  12. “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

If you send him an enticing text like this, he will pay more attention to you. You can try it out!

Secret words to make him fall in love with you!

  1. Don’t recognize if you have done terrible things in your past.
  2. Compliment a lot
  3. Never tell him that a particular event is more meaningful to you than him.
  4. Don’t remind him about your ex at a particular moment.
  5. Don’t tell him you hate his female friends.
  6. Love means having to say you’re sorry.
  7. Learn instead of controlling
  8. Show gratitude instead of complaints

12 Surprising female aspects that can make a man feel crazy and make him fall in love with her!

Below is a list of 12 female aspects that can make a man outlandish and make him fall in love. In addition, these 12 points are the most critical things for women who want to keep their men obsessed with them! Let’s look at each!

  1. The ability to have a healthy relationship with your partner:

A woman who does not know how to have a healthy relationship with her husband will cause trouble between them when they face problems or have conflict. If you are unsure how to deal with certain situations, ask friends or family members for advice before deciding.

  1. The ability to take care of the household and raise children well:

The first thing men look at in women is their appearance, but the second is whether they can do housework and raise children well.

  1. The willingness to give up things you like:

Women must always try their best to adapt themselves to the needs of others around them. This also means being willing to give up the things they like if it makes the other person happy.

  1. The ability to get along with the mother-in-law:

The mother-in-law plays a vital role in determining the happiness of a marriage.

  1. Communicating with parents:

As a rule, house parents are compassionate. So the daughter-in-law must learn how to share with them appropriately. And ladies have these qualities by birth.

  1. The ability to cook delicious food: Men love yummy food!
  2. The ability to listen to the words of the man:

The woman who listens to her husband’s words without interrupting him makes him feel more comfortable.

  1. The ability to respect the privacy of the man:

The most significant reason men cheat on their wives is that they don’t respect the privacy of each other.

  1. The ability to keep the secrets of the man:

The woman who holds her husband’s secrets is more likely to win his heart.

  1. The ability to put the interests of the man above your own.

The woman who puts her husband’s interests above hers will build a sound foundation for her marriage.

  1. The ability to understand the man’s moods: The woman who understands her husband’s perspective avoids irrelevant arguments.
  2. The ability to accept the man’s shortcomings: The woman who accepts her husband’s faults will maintain a long-lasting marriage.

Final Verdict – His secret obsession’s Hero instinct 12 words!

There are more psychological facts in “Hero instinct 12 words” than in other books I have read. The data is more psychologically oriented than others. It usually focuses on managing behavior and attitude in relationships.

There are many aspects involved, such as: 

  • The fascination signal, 
  • Glimpse phase, 
  • Silent action signal, 
  • IOU signal, 
  • Damsel in distress signal, and many more. 

A healthy relationship with your man is vital to making him want you forever! I think you’ll not face any difficulty with this course after reading this paper for 20 minutes.

“Hero Instinct 12 Words” ends by saying that you can never please everyone at once. So don’t worry about what people think of you because they may not know the entire story or situation.

You can buy this course only online, which is 100% worthwhile. You can visit here. If you are a woman who wants to learn about men and make them obsessed with you, I recommend getting His Secret Obsession (which costs around $47).

Understanding the importance of copyright law is absolutely vital, as it strictly prohibits any reproduction or replication of works without the explicit permission of the author. Any unauthorized duplication of content will lead to legal action for copyright infringement under Section 14 of the Copyright Act.

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