Cool WhatsApp dare games, 21 ways to revamp your relationships!

Have you ever played any dare games in your life? If not, it’s about time you hear about these kinds of games. These people have a set of rules for the game, and to test their courage, they play it. Dare games vary depending on the group rules, and you can even play these with your friends. Many people worldwide have used WhatsApp dare games to test their relationships and get fun. Let’s go ahead with this.

WhatsApp games are a great way to bond with your loved ones. These games will help you get to know each other better and have fun no matter who you’re playing with. If you are looking for some fun WhatsApp games, then read on because we’re listing some of the dare ways to play games on WhatsApp!

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Cool WhatsApp dare games, 21 ways to revamp your relationships!

WhatsApp games are one of the easiest ways to get closer to your loved ones.

WhatsApp games are one of the quickest ways to get closer to your loved ones. You can share WhatsApp games with your family, friends, colleagues, or anyone you want to enjoy them with. WhatsApp games are fun to play. You can try new WhatsApp dare games and share them with your family and friends. So now, get closer to your loved ones by playing these awesome WhatsApp games together.

WhatsApp dare games to play with friends.

WhatsApp has become a top-rated social media platform, and it is a handy way to stay in touch with those you care about. You can find the best part of WhatsApp when you’re chatting with your best friend because you two can do so much more than just exchange text messages.

There are many WhatsApp dare games for friends that can make your conversations more interesting. You can start engaging your best friend by sending them a WhatsApp challenge message or question. There are several WhatsApp challenges for friends that will work, but you’ll want to make sure that you understand the rules of each game before playing it.

The first type of WhatsApp dare message for friends is the “dare” question. These are the most common types of questions people send over WhatsApp. It typically involves someone asking another person to do something they wouldn’t normally do. A question like, “When was the last time you were without lingerie?” is an example of one of these questions. Some may think that this question is too personal and unfair, but it is not. You are just trying to spice up the conversation between friends.

Play cool WhatsApp dare games to revamp your relationships!
Play cool WhatsApp dare games to revamp your relationships!

It’s also imperative to note that most of these kinds of questions work to revamp your relations:

  • You will have to open the door and wait for me to come in with a rose and a radiant smile on your face.
  • You will go out with me to see the fireworks.
  • Take me somewhere you would like to visit. Tell me why you would like to visit that place with me.
  • Sing your favorite song to me while I sit in front of you & listen.
  • Tell me what I mean to you & then say I love you 18 times without breaking eye contact with each other or laughing.
  • Tell me about the craziest thing you have done in your life so far!

1. If I come to your room at midnight, what will your reaction be?

In this WhatsApp dare game, you can answer in any way you want. You may give an honest answer, or you may give a funny one. Here are some ideas:

  • You may say that you would be happy to see me.
  • You may say that it would scare you to see me.
  • Say that you would be angry to see me.
  • You may say that it would surprise you to see me.
  • You may say that seeing me would confuse you.

2. What can you do that makes me smile?

The question here is pretty straightforward: “What can you do that makes me smile?” A lot of this will depend on your relationship with the person and what it takes to get them to smile. And what works for one might not work for another. You may not have a funny bone in your body, but you might be the funniest person on the planet to make people laugh. So apply this dare with caution! But if you’re looking for some ideas and inspiration, here are some things that could bring someone a smile:

  • Be funny
  • Make me laugh
  • Cheer me up
  • Tell me a joke
  • Get out for a walk (get away from whatever’s bothering us)
  • Share a funny story
  • Tell me a secret (share something real)
  • Could you give me a hug (physical touch)?

3. What song did you last listen to?

This one is pretty self-explanatory but still super fun. You will ask your friend to share the song they last listened to, then give you lyrics from that song! Do not let them get away with just a message. Instruct them to send you one of the lines that they think has the most meaning. If they’re into a song with a long instrumental part at the beginning, their first line of lyrics may not give you much insight into their music taste.

As soon as your friend sends you the lyrics, try to guess what kind of music it is: pop, rock, hip hop, indie? Then guess who the artist of that song might be (e.g., “Taylor Swift?” or “Kanye West?”). Your friend will tell you if you’re right or not based on your guesses! Once they confirm who wrote, sang, and performed the last song, tell them what album they think it’s from.

4. Which place would you like to visit with me and why?

Whether it’s the place you wish to be with me or the thing you would like to do with me, this question is a great way to get your best friend to reveal their innermost feelings. You have always dreamed of traveling the world together, so now it’s time to pick a special place for your friend. It can be anywhere in the world, from the beach where you spent your childhood to the mountains you always wanted to climb.

The choices are endless: Disneyland, Paris, Hawaii, or New York – it’s all up to you!

You can answer this question as follows:

Beach: I would love to enjoy a picnic with you on the beach, where we will have our own private space for some much-needed conversation about life.

Mountain: It has been my dream ever since childhood to spend time with my best friend on a serene mountain surrounded by lush green beauty.

Disneyland: Both of us are kids at heart, and Disneyland is something that both of us have wanted forever! So, I would really love to go there with you if given the opportunity.

Paris: The city of love, Paris is one such place close to my heart and yours, and visiting it together will be no less than a dream come true for both of us.

WhatsApp dare games and convert your lessons and writing into recognizable speech, voiceover, etc.!
With WhatsApp dare games, convert your lessons and writing into recognizable speech, voiceover, etc.! Discover Now!

5. Which is the craziest thing you have done in your life?

This question is pretty straightforward. It’s one of the factual questions you can send to your best friend on WhatsApp. You can ask them about their craziest moment and learn something new about them. This is a fascinating way to get an insight into your best friends’ personalities and why they are the way they are today.

One of the best things about this question is that it has a lot of answers. You can answer with something that you would not normally do or something that you regret doing. Whatever the answer, this is a fun question to ask and a great one to see how crazy your friends are.

6. Do you ever think about me? Tell me honestly.

This is a wonderful chance to find out if your best friend is also thinking about you. This is whether they’re in love with you or wish they had spent more time together. You can pose this as a question or include it in the game. If you include it in the game, ensure to ask them “what do I think of him/her” so that they don’t mistake the question for asking how much they miss them.

For example:

  • Do you often think about me?
  • Often, do you miss me?
  • Hey, do you want to talk about it?

7. Do you want our friendship to be formal or informal? (Formal friends or Informal Friends?). Reply fast!

It is a question that helps assess whether you want your friendship to be taken seriously or not. Is it one where you feel spontaneous with each other all the time, or is it going to be more organized, structured, and proper? It’s entirely up to you what kind of friendship you want. You can make it as open or closed as you like.

It’s a smart idea to talk about this with your friends from time to time, so everyone feels like they’re on the same page. Friendships are constantly evolving, and things change over time, so it’s imperative to check in with each other about this often.

8. You are stuck on an island, and you only have one person with you. Who will it be and why?

In the event of being stuck on an island, it’s essential to have someone who can help you survive. Someone adept at survival skills or a Scoutmaster would be ideal in this scenario. It’s also helpful to have someone who won’t drive you crazy on a deserted island. If you choose wisely, your time could be a fun bonding experience that creates lifelong memories.

You wouldn’t want to get stuck with someone who is a stranger because they might not like you, and then you’d be stuck with an enemy for eternity. You also probably wouldn’t want to get stuck with someone who isn’t very fit because they might make things even harder if they lack physical capabilities and endurance.

9. Who do you want as your partner in the game of truth and dare (any celebrity)? Why?

It’s okay to admit that you have a celebrity crush. We’ve all had one at some point in our lives, and it’s fun to dream about meeting your favorite celebrity or even just fantasizing about them. Keep your answer to this challenge straightforward and honest: simply name the celebrity you would want as your partner and explain why you chose them.

For example, if your answer is, “I want Brad Pitt as my partner because he has been one of my favorite actors since I was a teenager.” Then that’s okay! I love his movies like Troy, Fight Club, and World War Z!

However, if you feel creative or just like writing long messages (and we’re not judging!), feel free to elaborate on what you would do if you ever got the chance to meet this celebrity. Would you go up and talk to them? What questions would you ask them?

10. Who, according to you, is the cutest boyfriend/girlfriend in the world? Could you give me 3 reasons for it?

The person you think is the hottest boyfriend or girlfriend in the world should not be your friend, and it also shouldn’t be you. Your friend may find this insulting, as they may think that you don’t like them enough to say their name. If you put yourself forward, this will make your friend feel sinful about themselves for not being your favorite boyfriend or girlfriend in the world. Look! I’m listing things now!

Your answers should explain why someone else is your dream boyfriend or girlfriend, so get creative! Don’t just list three generic reasons like “you are cute” or “you are pretty.” You can do better than that! For example, if you say that a female celebrity is the most desirable girlfriend in the world because she’s rich, famous, and has a hot body, then make sure to use pronouns like he/she/it when referring to her since it’s unlikely that she’ll read your texts.

These questions can help you connect with your friends, even if you are not talking in person.

In covid-19, quarantine isn’t accessible, and it’s been tough to stay in touch with your friends while staying safe at home. Even if you’re not able to meet in person, you can still connect. These questions can help you get to know each other better, no matter how much time has passed since your last hangout.

So grab a glass of wine and start asking—it’s the perfect way to pass some time together on mobile chat.

WhatsApp dare games for Android to play with your girlfriend!

WhatsApp Dare Games for Android to play with your girlfriend!
WhatsApp dare games for Android to play with your girlfriend!

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps on Android. Its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, and it’s now a must-have on every Android user’s smartphone. WhatsApp has become so popular that it even surpassed Facebook Messenger in monthly active users in 2021. Another reason for its success is that you can play games with your girlfriend easily! Yes, there are several WhatsApp dare games you can play right inside the WhatsApp web application. And we’ve compiled a list of the most popular ones for you.

11. WhatsApp dare games such as – A to Z

In this game, one of you picks a topic, and then you have to write about it starting with every letter of the alphabet. You can pick from the names of cities, countries, movie titles, or the names of famous people. The other person has to guess the topic based on the clues given. So it’s as simple as that, and you do that in turn.

12. Find the similarities

Playing WhatsApp dare games for Android with your girlfriend can be a fun way to pass the time and get to know each other better. To start:

Find something that you and your partner have in common. You could start with something as simple as your name.

If you’re John, start by selecting another person named John, who is also signed up for WhatsApp.

See how many similarities you can find between yourself and that person.

Let’s say the date when you met was a special date for both of you. Perhaps it was one of your birthdays or the anniversary of your parents’ first date—then see if you can find someone else who also met on that day, then see how many similarities there are between yourself and that person!

Now let’s shift focus to the ‘find the differences’ game that you can play with your GF.

13. WhatsApp dare games messaging in alphabetical order

The messenger game is a fun way to kill time. It becomes even more interesting when you play it with your girlfriend. Here, the game requires you to send messages in alphabetical order. For example, if you start with “A”, she will have to follow it with “B,” and so on.

If one of you makes a mistake while playing this game, perform a task that the other partner assigns to them. If your partner asks you to take her out for dinner, then you can’t refuse. The same holds true for her if she happens to make a mistake as well.

14. Fill in the blanks

Fill in the blanks is a game where you are given a sentence with one word blanked out. You have to guess the word and send your answer to your partner. The first one to answer correctly gets the point. For example:

I am __, are you busy?
Fill empty space

The correct answer would be ‘here’.

15. Confessions

You can play this game with your girlfriend, which is one of the most popular WhatsApp dare games. This game is suitable for opening up many secrets in your relationship, and it can deepen your relationship to a remarkable extent.

It’s okay to confess anything you want, and this confession will be anonymous. This way, you’ll be able to tell her the deepest, darkest secrets about yourself without any fear of repercussions on your side.

16. Emojis story

Create an emoji story game if you and your girlfriend like emojis and have funny messages. It is easy to play this game with a girl.

The rules are simple: each text message must contain only one emoji. You and your friend need to send such messages in turn until the sequence of emojis tells a story.

You can put down images such as money, a happy face, a crying face, a dog, an angry face, or a heart. These emojis tell us about a situation where someone is very excited about something but does not want to show it. This is because their friends are unhappy about the same thing.

17. Would you rather?

Would you rather, it’s a fun game to play with your friends, but you can also play it to get to know someone! To play:

One person asks another person a “would you rather” question.

Some examples: Would you rather always have to say everything on your mind or never speak again?; Would you like to have an endless summer or an endless winter? Could you give up music instead of TV and movies?; Would you rather not be able to use search engines or not be able to use social media for the rest of your life?

The other person has to answer and ask their own “would you rather” question.

The game continues back and forth between players, who must each answer the question presented by the previous player and present their own “Would You Rather” question.

If a player refuses to answer the last question posed, it eliminates them from the game (this is how to make it more exciting).

To play with your girlfriend: Ask her questions that would help you better understand her answers and preferences (which can help improve your relationship).

18. Two truths and a lie

It is another optimal game among WhatsApp Dare Games. Let your partner guess which of the three facts about you isn’t true. The last fact can be either serious or funny.

For example, if you’re a girl and your name is Lisa, then use this template:

“Lisa has three brothers; Lisa had an exclusive collection of Barbie dolls as a child; Her favorite childhood movie was Harry Potter.”

How many things can we do while messaging?

It’s funny how you can message her a thousand times, but you still run out of ideas. That’s because your texts are the everyday chit-chat that anyone writes in their text messages. If you want to improve her day or are looking for ways to keep chatting exciting and fun, then here are some WhatsApp games for Android that you can try:

Ask for random facts about her as if she is a stranger who just messaged you and starts chatting with her like a stranger.

Take turns writing a story and ask her to read it aloud when she completes it.

Ask each other to write as many creative things as possible within an hour each week (poems, letters, plays, stories, etc.). Then compare what both of you wrote together at the end of the week and discuss why one thing was better than another or why one thing didn’t make any sense at all.

Write a list of interesting things that two people only can do when they text each other on WhatsApp (like making lists of places where both of them have been, making lists of stuff that they plan on doing together someday, etc.).

Is there a word that best describes me?

19. One Word That Best Describes Me?

This game requires you to ask your partner one word that perfectly describes you. And at the end of the game, both of you can share your answers and have fun! The rules of this game are simple. Each player gets a turn messaging the other person with one word that describes a different category. The categories for this game are:

WhatsApp dare games, One-Word To Describe You?

  • What would be one word to describe my personality?
  • What would be one word to describe my partner?
  • The one word to describe my relationship?
  • What would be one word to describe my crush?
  • A single word to describe my best friend?
  • What would be one word to describe my family?
  • Would you like to share your pet’s name, or what is a pet you really love and want to own in the future?

20. WhatsApp Card Game

This is a very popular game that you can play with your girlfriend on WhatsApp. It also comes under the category of WhatsApp dare games. All you need to do is send a card to your girlfriend via WhatsApp, and she will have a chance to earn some points from you! If she wins, she will receive the prize from you in her inbox. If she loses, she has no chance of winning any prizes because the card will disappear from her inbox.

21. Guess My Number

It is a simple but fun game where you have to guess what number your girlfriend is thinking about by sending her an SMS message with just one number (e.g., 1-100). If she predicts correctly, then she wins some points! Otherwise, she loses points and has no chance of winning any more prizes. Obviously, it is the best of all WhatsApp dare games.

WhatsApp dare games…

WhatsApp is a free messenger app that allows you to share text messages and make calls over the internet while evading pesky carrier fees. You can start engaging your best friends by sending “Whatsapp dare messages” to them. These are fun and light-hearted games that you can play with your friends as a way of breaking the ice or just having a good time. Depending on how challenging they are, they may range from simple to complex.

WhatsApp dare games are very special in that you can send them to your friends and ask them to choose one. The truth or dare game is a very old one, and it is still popular among kids, teenagers, and adults. A smart idea that helps you get closer to your family and friends can help revamp your relationships.

WhatsApp dare games, or WhatsApp challenges, are an excellent way to keep your relationship on a high note. Your friends get a chance to know you better and explore new horizons. It makes for an interesting, fun time that brings friends closer. Challenge your friends by playing these WhatsApp dare games with them!

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