Incredible defeats and victories India vs Pakistan cricket

The match between India and Pakistan has been interesting from the very beginning of the history of cricket. Presenting an article refreshing the memories of cricket lovers, so read the document.

In 1984, India won the match by fielding. Six wickets became only from runout and stumping.

Incredible defeats and victories India vs Pakistan cricket! Image Credit: Pexels
Incredible defeats and victories, India vs Pakistan cricket! Image Credit: Pexels

Immature defeats and victories, India vs Pakistan cricket. There was a match in Sharjah on April 13, 1984, where Team India won based on fielding. In this, India snatched victory from Pakistan. The go-to game was the Rothman Cup where India became the all-time world champions. Kapil Dev was not part of that series. Sunil Gavaskar was captain then.

India started their innings. In this 46-over match, wicketkeepers Surender Khanna (born June 3, 1956) and Sandeep Patil (born August 18, 1956) gave a slow start. Then it seemed that the team would not even reach the score of 150 runs.

That’s when Gavaskar took over and scored 36 runs to take India to 188. That day was Friday, and Friday matches had longer break times due to the Friday prayer “Juma Ki Namaz.”

Indian fans were desperate. In contrast, Pakistani fans were more excited. There was a belief that only Pakistan would win on that day of Juma. Pakistan’s four wickets fell within 100 runs, and in the subsequent 34 runs, Pakistan also lost six wickets.

It was unbelievable. India fielded well in that match and made four runouts, as well as two stumpings by Surender. India got 6 out of 10 wickets from fielding. Surender was also adjudged “man of the match.”

Javed Miandad was playing to lose out of respect, the six hit by luck. Pakistan won the match!

Nowadays, there are many matches where the team wins with a six in the last over. But there was a time when a score of around 250 was a guarantee of success. Even today, when it comes to Javed Miandad, April 18, 1986, is remembered.

“I was apprehensive after losing to India in the World Championship final in Melbourne,” admits Javed Miandad. The tri-series final in Sharjah was an opportunity for Pakistan to maintain its respect.

He said, “It was a match in which, after winning, we could reveal our face to the country.” But India scored 245 runs. Miandad says the entire match was for India, except for the last two overs. I still remember that in that 50-over match, India had a winning streak until 49 overs had passed.

Pakistan’s top-order batsmen Mudassar, Rameez, Mohsin, and Malik, were all back on 110. I felt victory was slipping away now. But after Imran was dismissed for 209, the defeat was confirmed. I had thought that I would play till the last and would lose with respect.

Qadir supported me by scoring 34 runs together. Tausif was with me in the final over, and I was praying that you would save your wicket, Brother. I had completed my century, but there was no joy in it—twelve runs and just one wicket in the last over.

There was silence in the stadium, and supporters started walking back. Despite our best efforts, we scored eight runs in 5 balls, and luckily I had the strike.

The last ball was a full toss, but I still can’t remember what was running through my mind. I came forward and stood in a strange style for that ball. That shot was probably a reflex action that pushed the ball off the ground. I still believe that India made our victory a little easier by not getting the last over from Kapil Dev.

From the box of memories about the stunning defeats and victories between India and Pakistan, these were a few thoughts. Also, watch and build your best team ever.

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