Man’s Hero Instinct – The Six Ways to Trigger

Hero instinct is a term stamped by James Bauer in his best-selling ebook, His Secret Obsession. By the way, 12 words seem like a lot. Only one word should be in every relationship: trust. Yet hero instinct 12 words is a list of things you do by speaking, doing, or making sense of your life partner.

The hero instinct in a man is essentially based on the fact that men need to make us feel how much we need them, and this fact works on two opposite sexes. In every culture, marriage is necessary to give a new dimension to life, and to maintain it, a balanced partnership between man and woman is needed. That is where the man’s hero instinct originates. Although, Hero instinct is a term stamped by James Bauer in his best-selling e-book, His Secret Obsession.

What are the 12 words hero Instinct?

By the way, 12 words seem like a lot; only one word should be in every relationship: trust. Yet hero instinct 12 words is a list of things you do by speaking, doing, or making sense of your life partner.

The basic principle is to raise the morale of your life partner with you. These phrases have been tested on many people. And found positive results and have been proven to trigger their hero instinct.

Next time you see him tap the shift in his inner-hero instincts by trying these phrases on your man.

Men especially need to feel like they’re constantly energized throughout the day or rescuing their damsel in distress. If they don’t, they may feel less masculine or underestimate themselves.

No rocket science is needed to try it, be a little innocent and generous, read the article given here and bring it to your everyday vocabulary. Then it may seem like a simple process.

It can have significant consequences on the strength of your relationship.

Everyone struggles with their relationships at some point or the other, and I did too. But in reality, this human life is very fortunate, and it is deplorable if it is lived with daily quarrels.

So it is better that you bring sweetness to your relationships. When you understand how to apply these 12 words to your love life, you will improve your life dramatically.

Women must understand how important a man’s hero instinct is and how they can use their knowledge.

If a man doesn’t always feel like the brave and accomplished hero he is or wants to be, then most likely, the relationship won’t last long or will fall apart.

Therefore, I am writing this article based on actual life events so that your relationship can flourish and survive.

Now we’re going to jump right into our article, and I’ll tell you six ways you can trigger your man’s hero instinct.

1. You have to start pleading with him to get help from him.

This point doesn’t mean you have to ask him about everything. Doing your work is a good thing, but be a little innocent in your married life. Don’t make yourself too smart or intelligent compared to your man, and bring simplicity to life.

If you take his help in four out of ten tasks and show yourself by doing six tasks, then you have victory in it. It won’t take away from your freedom. He will still know that you will be able to do what he can.

However, if you are too independent, your man may feel lost or helpless. He will always want to think that he is helping you and that you are in his possession.

Therefore, making your man feel useful is very important. It will only benefit you but harm nothing. You can ask him for help with anything.

Even stand in front of your man to replace a dead lightbulb yourself and then urge him to seek help. The result will be in front of you. He’ll have to feel like a hero.

He’ll probably know you can do it yourself, but he’ll widely appreciate the fact that you’ve asked him to do it.

You must understand the nature of your man and ask him to do some good deed. So it would be best if you thought about what you’re asking him to do. Work like engineering, plumbing, or fixing anything will make him feel manly.

You can take any help in any household work provided what your body language and your man’s mood at that time is. So please do the exemplary work at the right time or postpone it for a while.

When it comes to advise, ask your man if you’re feeling confused about a situation or you’re not sure what the right decision to make.

It is beneficial for you and your relationship, as you will be getting helpful advice from the person closest to you. That will make him feel that he can solve a problem and make your way more accessible.

Plus, he’ll appreciate the fact that you’ve shared with him about your life and issues.

2. Show gratitude and appreciation for him.

It is also the most critical point. Men need to feel appreciated so that their personalities can stand out and open their hearts to request you. That is the most efficient way to make your man feel like a hero.

So, if you have already completed the first point and asked him to do something for you or asked him for some advice, you need to thank him by saying thank you.

Man's Hero Instinct to Trigger
Man’s Hero Instinct

It is the most accessible way to show your appreciation, and the more gratitude he feels, the more he will fall in love with you. Along with verbal praise, you can express your gratitude to your man in many other ways.

For example, if you’ve requested him if he can drop you off at the bank. You can thank him later by saying, “Take care of yourself and go carefully,” and then you know.

He will widely appreciate the fact that you care about him, and at some point, you fail to help yourself. It will make him feel like a real-life hero.

Men feel fearless from receiving appreciation, and they will feel that being around a woman who appreciates him makes them feel good.

So they will want to be around you more. He will start to respect you more. Thus your relationship will be more empowered. Understand that it is simple to give with one hand and take with the other.

Men want to be thanked for doing things, especially when it comes to the tasks you set for them, so if you take them lightly, it leaves a wrong impression.

Anyone is not proprietary property. He needs some joy and validation to help you out again.

3. Don’t thank him unnecessarily.

You just read in the above paragraph that life is a game. Give one hand and take the other – here, I mean to give thanks.

But how can I thank him for the help man didn’t? A man himself will not accept it if he feels that he has not earned it.

Every man has a moral, so it’s important not to let your compliments be overwhelming. For example, he doesn’t need kisses and hugs when he comes home to prefer to take off his shoes and breathe freely.

Set some challenges for your man. Men love challenges. It makes them feel like straight heroes.

They have a mission to complete, and they will be ready to get it! Most men are also very competitive, so they are up to the challenge to prove themselves.

For example, you can ask him if he wants to redecorate a room or ask him to bring a unique vegetable or cake from outside so you’ll love it.

Anything can be a challenge for a man. Then what is it? Keep doing your work, and your man will be engaged in fulfilling his mission.

And when he completes the challenge, this will be a golden opportunity for you to praise him.

In this way, you will earn more profit by using fewer words.

It is essential to say that men do not like women who pounce on or dominate them. Sometimes planting the seed of an idea in their mind can be harmful to you.

Instead of demanding that they do something for you right now, let it grow for a while. After you practice challenging your man, you will begin to realize what is best for both him and you.

4. Increase his confidence in front of your peers and do not taunt.

Everyone notices heroes in movies because they get recognition from people for the good things they do. You can do this to your man and make him feel on top of the world.

Man's Hero Instinct to Trigger
Man’s Hero Instinct

All you have to do is talk positively to others about what they have done that has helped you or made you feel good.

Understand that every person has some other shortcomings. So it is better not to let them be exposed to others and try to improve for the future.

So, make a conscious effort to start talking about him positively to the people around you and the guests at home. Here it is trying to tell that the matter of the house should be confined to the house.

You can mention some specific work he has done recently. Or tell people about your appreciation for him to raise your man’s hero instinct.

For example, if you accompany him to their workplace and return him a coffee to thank him for something he helped you?

His work colleagues and friends will most likely be around, and he will feel like a man of the day.

They will think that it is good that you have come to show your appreciation because he has helped you, and they will all appreciate it too.

He will be excited that you are talking about him with respect, but he will be seen and appreciated by everyone around him. That will trigger the hero instincts of the men.

It’s important to say that unless real problems are going on in your relationship, you should never talk negatively about him to others – it should always be positive.

If your partner finds out that you are speaking negatively about him to those around you, he will feel inferior and cheated.

So remember, if you don’t have anything positive to say about your partner, don’t comment and keep the atmosphere around you pleasant.

5. Make sure he knows what makes you happy.

To feel like a hero, not only will your man need to feel appreciated and respected by you, he will also need to think that he makes you happy.

That’s the purpose of his relationship with you, so if he can’t make you happy, he might not want to be in a relationship where they feel like he’s failing.

Therefore, it is easy for you to make sure that he is confident in keeping you happy.

The basic mantra of our life is that we do any work for our livelihood and be satisfied. If you keep him happy and away from despair, he will surely share his things with you.

Why would anyone want to live where he would not find happiness? The sad truth is that when people are in a relationship and get married, they can take each other for granted.

Marriages often break up due to a lack of experience.

Nowadays it has become like a fashion. Your man needs to know that he is a big part of your reason for being happy, so show him your happiness as much as you can. If you have a problem, don’t hesitate to share it with your man.

If there is no truth in the foundation of a relationship, then it does not last long. So be honest and act like he feels like he is your only reason for happiness.

You can say something as simple as, “I’ve had good luck with you,” and it should be consistent with your behavior.

Men are eager to please you if you give them a chance, so it can make your man feel on top of the world if he knows he can please you.

Then he will be forced to make you happy just the way you want so that this trick will benefit you.

6. Encourage him to do what he loves to do and support him in that.

Your man is going to appreciate it if you let him do what he’s already been doing.

Especially when it comes to more masculine hobbies like sports or mechanics, if he likes to play cards or has a little passion for collecting and renovating old motorcycles, let him.

Don’t let your choice overwhelm him. For example, if your man is fond of animals and wants to adopt a dog or cat, you openly support him instead of consulting your acquaintances.

But most of the time, men enjoy doing manly hobbies with other men. They love to be back in their male pack for a while.

So it would be best if you supported it. Even if he’s not very interested in what you’re doing, you need to make sure you give him time to do manly activities.

God has not made us all the same. We all have some variations. Our hobbies are different, and our clothes are extra.

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So adapting yourself to your life partner can be a time-consuming and challenging task, but it is essential for the success of every relationship.

Remember that a connection cannot progress without a balanced partnership of each other.

If you want to make him feel even more manly and heroic, you can tell him how great his muscles look or how amazing he is at his hobby. On the other hand, he can also say that you are looking gorgeous today.

If you’re lucky, he’ll feel so supported by you that he’ll feel free to share his joys and sorrows with you and help you with your chores without saying? That exposes the man’s hero Instinct.


I hope this article has given you some tips on triggering your man’s natural hero instinct. I am sure that if you start putting some points into practice, you will see a positive change in your man’s behavior.

If you come across something like this, and you liked what you read, please let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from you. Thank you.

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