Why do some guys want to engage so fast while some are unwilling to commit?


Why do some young people get into a partnership with you so quickly? While some are not interested in changing their habits to be friendly to you. Why do men suddenly lose interest in relationships? What factors affect his level of interest in you? Read the post till the end.

Why do some guys want to commit so early, and they are so quick? Here are some facts in this context.

Why guys want to commit so early?
Why guys want to commit so early?

Why Are Some Guys So Quick to commit?

It has become a norm that most men either hate to engage in commitments or take a long time to do so. Hence, it comes as a surprise to women when their man is overly eager to commit. Some of the reasons for this could be as below.

reasons from the past.

He may have been in a relationship where he loved his woman and was utterly committed to her. And it took a lot of participation and effort only to be abandoned by her. So his past insecurities and past experiences may be making him rush if he feels you are the right one for him.

Love at First Sight Syndrome.

Everyone must have heard about Love at First Sight Syndrome. Maybe something like this happened to him about you. He has eyes just for you, and you have become the centre of his universe. So, they don’t see any reason for any delay. The voice of his heart says that you are made only for him.

he may have a territorial instinct.

Now every woman has their set of adorers. If he is interested in you somehow, his hero instinct will tell him to put up a fence around you to keep other people at bay while he takes his time to sort out his feelings about you. In his mind, he wants the security that you don’t fall for someone else if he likes you for himself.

He is optimistic about his feelings.

It is human nature for the mind and heart to conflict most of the time. But it may be that he is sure that you are the only one for him throughout his existence. Then he will find no reason to wait. It can happen when both the heart and the brain point to the same object.

his mind has made him anxious about you.

Although he loves you very much, and if he notices something in your behavior or manner that tells him that you are losing interest in him, he will just hit the panic button and offer his commitment as soon as possible for fear of losing you.

Maybe he’s been on the scene forever in the past.

It could be possible that he has been around and dated many women in the past. And each of them has disappointed him in some way or the other. And so, if he likes you, he might feel like he needs to commit before you can change your mind.

he needs to feel settled.

Bachelor days are not going to last forever. Every man wants to settle down at some point in his life. And if he thinks you’re unique to him, he’s not going to hang around for long. So these guys are quick to commit.

Why do men suddenly lose interest? what factors affect his level of interest in you?

There can be many grounds why men are less interested. They could say that the attraction just faded or the chemistry just wasn’t right. Sometimes who you are or what you do becomes the deciding factor. Read on to know more.

you are available.

If you were readily available to your guy, all he had to do was make a call, and you gave up everything to be with him, and now he’s bored and shifted his interest. Or if you gave yourself too early in the relationship, he has no reason to stay because he feels there is no thrill left in getting to know you.

you do very needy work.

If you’re looking for reasons to call him for help, he’ll see you as someone who can’t take care of him and start wondering if he wants to be with such a woman. If he offers to help, you can accept it, but when you call on him for every little task, it becomes exhausting for him.

you are very competitive.

You can be strong and know what you want, but if you keep showing that you are too bright or beautiful, he will lose interest. Stay on your feminine side, making him want to care for you; otherwise, he might feel he doesn’t need you.

your sex life is no longer exciting.

If there is no enthusiasm left in your sex life and it has become monotonous and routine, he may lose interest in you. Sex is a binding factor in a relationship, and you can keep your man interested by intensifying your sex life and trying new things.

you control him.

If a man loses his sense of perspective and feels suffocating in a relationship controlled by you, he may decide to move out. Men love their independence and may see no reason to stay in a relationship if they feel compromised.

you don’t connect on an intellectual level.

He may find you attractive, and your sexual compatibility may be excellent, but for a relationship to flourish, there must be a good connection on an intellectual level as well.

If you can’t stimulate him or vibrate well intellectually, it’s natural for the relationship to develop distance. There is no exciting conversation where the both of you can talk endlessly about different things, so something is blowing, and it’s hard to keep their interest.

is someone else.

There is a possibility that he has found someone else and is no longer attracted to you. He walked away from you because he found someone else interesting to pursue with his life.

Why People Are Reluctant to Commit – 7 Reasons

The fact that people are generally afraid to commit is due to several reasons. Women always want to know why guys are reluctant to have long-term relationships or get married. These reasons listed below will give you an idea of ​​why they are afraid to tie the knot! So these guys are not quick to commit.

He doesn’t want to lose his identity.

If you are the pushy and demanding type, he may be afraid that he will slowly but surely turn into the kind of person you want once he commits to you. He is scared of losing his identity and turns into a lapdog who has to do everything to please you. It can prove to be very scary for a guy, and hence he is hesitant to make any commitment.

He’s Confused What Your Feelings Are For Him?

If you are unclear about your feelings towards him, he will be cautious in committing to you. The slightest doubt about you and your emotions will make him reluctant to take a step toward commitment. Only when he knows for sure that you reciprocate his feelings will he boldly take the initiative.

he hates the idea of ​​being tied up.

Most men have a morbid fear of being tied to one woman for the rest of their lives! These men are the type who want to enjoy dating different women before they make up their minds. They are usually the ones who are just focusing on having a good time instead of getting serious and thinking about the future.

He’s Not Sure If You’re The Right Woman For Him.

There could be a couple of reasons why he doubts whether you are the ideal woman for him. He will not make any commitments until he is confident in his heart that you are suitable for him. Even though he has been dating you for so long, he could feel that something is missing in the relationship, and hence he is not ready for commitment.

He is afraid of the financial responsibility involved.

The fact that commitment means lots of new responsibilities makes men nervous and reluctant to step in that direction. If he is not financially secure and feels that he will not maintain his wife and family shortly, he will not commit.

He thinks you have too high expectations.

There’s no way he’s going to commit if you’re setting standards too high or setting too high expectations where he’s concerned. See if you are the type of woman who is very demanding, critical, and adamant about perfection in everything. He’s afraid of falling short!

he is uncertain and insecure.

If the man is aware of his mistakes, failures, and shortcomings, he may be insecure and afraid to face the future. He will naturally become less confident about being successful and idealizing the relationship. This insecurity will prove to be a significant stumbling block when it comes to commitment. That is, so these guys are not quick to commit.


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