How To Cool Down Body Heat In Summer? These Foods To Keep Your Body Cool From The Inside.

These ten things to eat during the summer season to avoid heatstroke. Consider the prescriptions being told here and keep yourself refreshing in the summer season.


Summer Foods: These ten things to eat during the summer season to avoid dehydration!

Do you live in a place where winter, summer, and rainy seasons keep coming? In such a situation, we will give you tips on freshen up in the summer season. And cool down your body heat from inside in summer. Read this article till end.

Are you ready together with your cotton dress, sunglasses and lotion? other than these items, within the summer, the guts starts to eat or drink something cold.

Also, eating spicy or heavy things during this season causes the stomach to become upset. Today we are telling you about some things that you simply must soak up this weather.

These ten things will help keep you Cool. Cool Down Body Heat in Summer

1. Watermelon: Watermelon contains 90 per cent of water. It also keeps your skin hydrated together with your body.

2. Coconut Milk: Coconut water is rich in nutrition. It protects you from every stomach disease and also keeps the body cool. coconut milk must be drunk in such weather.

3. Lemon juice: within the summer season, drink lots of lemonade. A glass of lemon water protects you from heat and exhaust.

4. Cucumber: Cucumber makes hair beautiful together with your skin and also removes toxins from the body.

5. Corn Flakes: Corn contains Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Which furnishes many benefits to the body during the summer season.

6. Yogurt: Yogurt is additionally such a thing that brings coolness to the new weather body. you’ll include this in your diet on a daily basis.

Cool Down Body Heat in Summer
Blend of yoghurt

Make it blend with water to dilute, and it’ll benefit the body in any form. Lassi could be a blend of yoghurt, water, spices and sometimes fruit.

7. Green Vegetables: we should always consume vegetables sort of a gourd, round melon, pumpkin, beans during the summer season. it’ll also keep your body relaxed, and there’ll be no shortage of water.

8. Rice & Pulses: In summer, there is a greater desire to eat light and less spicy food. You can eat a mixture of rice and pulses cooked with water and light spices in water two or three times a week, which will keep your stomach light, and it will also get relief.

9. Salad: Must have a salad with food. Add cucumber and carrot to it.

10. Chas and Blend of Curd: Drink Chas and curd blend with water and little amount of sugar or salt during the summer season. These are often drunk with food or before meals.

Health: Heat raps will not bother you if you use these remedies regularly.

Excessive hot air breezes are more likely to cause problems like heat stroke, water loss or dehydration during summer, and it is imperative to take care of health in such weather.

If these diseases are not treated in time, their consequences can be terrible. There is a higher fear of heatstroke due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures during summer days or hot air gusts exposure.

It is also called heatstroke and sunstroke. In summer, due to frequent and excessive sweating, there is a shortage of water and salts.

Due to this, the body’s temperature starts to increase suddenly, and the body’s water starts drying up.

If there is a lack of water and salt from the body, the heatstroke risk is high.

It is a life-threatening condition in which dizziness, vomiting, low blood pressure, fever, etc., can occur, and if the medical attention is not received in time, it can also lead to the death of the victim.

What are the symptoms of heatstroke?

  1. Excessive thirst and dry mouth.
  2. Burning and weakness in the soles of body, eyes, extremities.
  3. Increased body temperature or high fever.
  4. Pulse speed and rapid breathing.
  5. Feeling pain and weakness in the body.
  6. Fainting.
  7. Stop sweating or stop sweating a lot.

How to avoid getting heatstroke? And Cool Down Body Heat in Summer.

  1. Avoid going barefoot and barefoot outside in hot solid winds. To avoid sunlight, leave with a cap or umbrella on your head.
  2. Initiating sun exposure, cover the entire body with a cloth and leave only after wearing cotton clothes. Do not wear dark, dark silk or synthetic garments.
  3. Use dark glasses on the eyes while venturing out in the sun.
  4. Get out of the house by drinking water or syrup-like mango emerald, lime-water, poppy juice, and take water with you.
  5. Exit only after meals. Never leave an empty stomach.
  6. Coldwater should not be drunk after coming from extreme heat.
  7. Going from sunlight to a cold room and not going from the cold room into the sun immediately.
  8. If the car or other closed vehicle has become too hot inside in the afternoon, first open the glass and expel the hot air from the car. Then turn on the AC, then sit in the car only when the inside temperature is average.
  9. Do not drive two-wheelers in strong sunlight.
Cool Down Body Heat in Summer
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What is the remedy in Ayurveda to avoid heatstroke?

1. Drinking raw mango emerald is very beneficial when the heat is extinguished. Cook raw mango and add cumin, coriander, sugar, salt, black pepper to it and drink it.

2. Drink raw coconut water, lemon juice, etc., again and again when thirsty. Drinking syrup of Khas, Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi), Sandalwood, Black Currant, Rose, Pandanus (Kevda) can be avoided daily or repeatedly.

Black Currant known as falsa in Hindi. Grewia asiatica (phalsa or falsa) is its Botanical name.

3. Drink enough buttermilk or lassi. Its effect is cold. Mix black salt and cumin powder in it and take it regularly to avoid heatstroke in summer.

4. Sugarcane juice is a beneficial medicine for health. The minerals present in it provide energy and strength to the body and protect it from heat.

5. Mixing Gram Powder, sugar or salt in water and drinking it in summer provides coolness.

6. Take a regular intake of cucumber, melon, watermelon, orange, phalsa, mulberry, pomegranate juice.

7. Include mint, fennel, cardamom, coriander, black salt, cumin etc., in your food.

8. Drink light, digestible foods such as rice gluten, thin pulses-rice, lentil soup.

9. Dissolve sandalwood powder in water and apply it to the entire body to form a paste. It provides a lot of coolness and also lowers body temperature.

10. Hot things like meat, fish, eggs, spices, tea and liquor etc., should not be used during the extreme summer season.

Take special care of food and drink to avoid rising temperatures, so you will not be ill.

Many kinds of diseases surround us as the weather changes. This problem increases even more during the summer season. Nowadays, the intense sunlight in the afternoon is scorching the body.

In such a situation, we need to take special precautions regarding our food because wrong eating affects our body.

This type of food and drinks in summer can be taken.

Breakfast: If you leave the house in the morning in the summer season, disembark after breakfast. Getting out of a hungry stomach can lead to many troubles. Almonds, oatmeal, oats, rice-flakes, milk, fruits, etc., can be taken for breakfast.

Lunch: Heavy meals should be avoided in the afternoon. Use more and more bread, vegetables, lassi, buttermilk and green vegetables.

This food will keep your body cool from the inside, which will help to a great extent in protecting it from scorching heat on the outside.

Dinner: Special attention should be paid to dinner in summer. These days, eating more at night can prove to be harmful to health. Overeating can cause problems like gas, Acidity (acid reflux) etc.

Eating meat or other types of heavy and spicy at night should also be avoided. As far as possible, we should take light food for dinner.

Use of fruits: In this season, we should consume seasonal fruits after breakfast and sometimes after eating. Consuming mango, litchi, watermelon, melon, cucumber, cucumber etc., is very beneficial these days.

Keep in mind that do not consume open and cut fruits sold in the market.

Drink plenty of water: During the summer days, the body should not lack water. To avoid dehydration from rising temperature, we must drink at least eight to ten water glasses throughout the day. Lemon water, coconut water and fresh juice should also be consumed.

Keep these things in mind:

  • Avoid sunlight in this season. Use caps, masks, glasses, umbrellas etc.
  • Pay special attention to cleanliness to avoid diseases like vomiting, diarrhoea.
  • Eat fresh homemade food only.

Drink light and liquids

These days we should consume mostly bland food. Also, liquids like juice, buttermilk, whey, yoghurt, fruits should be used more.

Take care of eating in summer. Otherwise, you may be ill.

Troubles like Loss of appetite, excessive sweating, and sunstroke surround people as soon as summer comes. In this situation, it is essential to take care of the food.

They never even like to eat something due to the heat. Some food items increase the heat in our body, which makes the heat unbearable.

Such things should be consumed in such a situation, which keeps the body cool and maintains good health.

Dieticians explain that such food should be taken in summer, which does not cause water scarcity. For this, include some extraordinary things in your diet.

Fruits will reduce chest irritation.

Seasonal fruits coming in summer should be consumed in maximum quantity. Many such fruits come in summer, which does not allow the amount of water to be reduced.

Cool Down Body Heat in Summer

Nutrients are rich in them. Watermelon contains 90 per cent of water. Common, bananas cool the body. Eat cucumber too. It cures oily skin.

The problem of gas, acidity, heartburn ends. Watermelon contains sodium, potassium and vitamin B. Apples, oranges, seasonal fruits etc., are rich in vitamin C.

Give glucose to children. To Cool Down Body Heat in Summer

Do not let the amount of water in the body decrease in summer. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. At the same time, drink seasonal fruit juice daily to keep yourself healthy and meet the body’s lack of glucose.

At the same time, give glucose to the children, primarily from time to time. Apart from this, take buttermilk, lemonade, coconut water and mango drink too. Take gram-powder syrup. In summer, the curd is like nectar.

Add coriander, cumin powder, salt and eat it.

Eat a banana when you are dizzy.

Banana is a fruit that comes every month. You can also take it in summer. If you feel dizzy in summer, you can eat a banana for energy. Banana is very beneficial for instant power. One to four bananas can be taken daily.

Eat light food to avoid laziness.

In the summer, eat bland food, which will not cause laziness. Avoid eating meats, oily and junk food, spices etc., in summer.

Do not eat piece of unleavened fried-bread in the morning breakfast. Take Rice-flakes, curd, salad, toasts etc. in its place.

You can have pulses and bread with seasonal vegetables for lunch. Also, fill the plate and have a salad. In addition to gourd, cabbage, luffa, take seasonal vegetables in maximum quantity.

Cool Down Body Heat in Summer

If you want to stay in summer, keep this healthy diet in mind to Cool Down.

Concentrations have to be taken care of in summer. A little carelessness is an invitation to sickness. Let’s know what to eat and drink during the summer.

  • Green cold sauce made from fruit, vinegar, sugar, and spices (coriander, mint, amla and onion etc.) can be eaten in summer. They are adapted to the weather.
  • Drinking sugarcane juice is beneficial for health in this season. It is necessary to maintain the water level in the body in summer. For this, drink at least 5 to 6 bottles of water a day. Sweating comes out of the body too much in this season.

Therefore, drinking a sufficient amount of water keeps the level of water in the body right. And cool down your body heat in summer.

  • It is also essential to know which beverage to take and which not. It would be best if you took liquids that do not cause gas problems after drinking, especially drinking tea.
  • Eat plenty of watermelon, melon, cucumber and cucumber found in the summer season. If you have questions about bile, then drinking rock salt in cucumber juice is beneficial. Not only this, but it is also helpful in the problem of gas.
  • Drinking coconut water in the summer season is similar to nectar. It is also beneficial for health as well as to meet the lack of water in the body.
  • Barley is also helpful for health. Eat barley gram-powder with curd or boil it and mix salt with tomato and cucumber etc.

In the summer season, wheat and barley flour bread will keep the body cool and beneficial for the stomach.

  • In summer, eat small amounts of solid chili-spices.
  • Do not drink water nor take off clothes immediately after coming out of the sun.
  • If you drink tea, drink it only in the evening and in the morning.

Take care from breakfast till dinner.

If possible, in the morning breakfast, give importance to coconut water, fruits etc. You can have rice flakes for breakfast. If you are not hungry in the afternoon, you can eat black gram powder with water and salt.

If you feel more hungry, then include bread, vegetable, curd or buttermilk in the meal. Yes, eat more miniature cabbage in this season. Beans, spinach and brinjals etc., can be eaten.

Puffed rice or salad can also be taken in the evening breakfast. If you want to drink syrup, then lemon-water and buttermilk etc., can be taken.

Dinner should be light. Keep this in mind. Eat less bread, salad and vegetables. Do not drink tea or coffee at bedtime. It can cause insomnia.

Take special care of children. Cool Down Body Heat in Summer

Please avoid your children to play out of the house in the afternoon. During the summer season, do not give junk food, noodles etc., to the children at all. Give lemon-water or fruit or its juice to the children.

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