How does work from home connects with us mentally?

Almost all companies today, big and small, invite employees to work from home. And we also feel as if the burden has been reduced a bit. You don't need to worry about finishing your homework from home or the office, as long as you don't ignore your health mistakes. Read this article thoroughly and be aware of the mistakes.

Are you afraid of making mistakes and presenting yourself as stupid? Are you unable to make quick decisions or unwilling to lead? Do you look to others for the “correct” way to perform tasks? If so, then you are just like I used to be. Next, let’s look at how the work from home culture affects our mental health.

How Does ‘Work From Home’ Connects With Us?

Any damage to the body alters a person physically, mentally, and emotionally. It leads to a complaint of depression, muscle weakness, and pain in many body parts. Due to the Corona pandemic in the past few years, institutions’ “work from home” culture has increased, causing spinal cord damage.

Because of working from home, people have gotten into the habit of staying at home. As a result, they are negligent about stepping outside and walking. Laziness is induced by the homely environment.

According to research, 41.5 percent of people working from home have complained of back pain during Covid-19 in the past. 23.5 percent of people complain of neck pain. It is possible to save the body from damage if one does a 10-minute walk after every sitting hour.

Apart from this, do yoga, like Child’s Pose, Cat, and Cow Pose daily. In other words, never stop exercising and consult a doctor if you are feeling uncomfortable. So let’s start with how to keep your spine healthy while working from home.

Spinal disease: Know five effects it has on the body and mind

Research from the National Institute of Health India shows that spinal disorders affect a person physically and emotionally.

1 – Complaint of back pain: 

Due to continuous bending, the discs of the spine become compressed. Also, because of less physical movement, the ligaments around the spine cramp. It reduces the flexibility of the spine. As a result, prolonged sitting leads to back pain.

2 – Neck and shoulder pain

Neck and shoulder pain occurs due to tension in the cervical vertebrae connecting the spine to the head. Along with this, the muscles of the shoulder and back also get damaged. Sleeping incorrectly or applying a pillow may have caused this to happen.

3 – Weak muscles

Because of extreme dilation of the spine, the muscles in and around the abdomen weaken. It happens with long sittings and we feel somewhat nervous.

4 – Complications of brain fog

When there is no movement, blood, and oxygen reaching the brain somewhat decrease. The ability to think is affected. It may be because of staying in one position for a long time.

5 – Effect on Behavior

Prolonged sitting affects neuroplasticity. The activity of neurons is also weak, due to which the person becomes emotionally fragile. Laziness comes, depression increases, and sometimes we think about something else.

Three major causes of spinal disease

The three leading causes of spinal cord disease are as follows, which you must have noted also.

1) extended sitting interrupts blood flow

Proper blood flow is essential for our bodies. According to the Spine Universe, prolonged sitting impairs blood circulation to the gluteal muscles, the primary muscles supporting the spine. The Spine Universe provides ample information on back and neck disorders.

2) Shoulder, back, and neck pain from poor posture

The deteriorating posture of the body directly affects the back muscles. You are bending and twisting while you are sitting, increasing the stress on the ligaments and discs of the spine. It causes pain in the shoulders, neck, and back. It is called Poor Posture Syndrome.

Do you know that if 60 degrees tilt your head forward, there is an extra load of 27 kg on the spine? On the other hand, if 15 degrees tilt your head forward, an additional burden of 12.5 kg falls on the spine. This poor posture harms many parts of the body.

3) Mobile Addiction shrinks discs

When you stare at a screen for a long time and tilt your head to look at it repeatedly, there is a strain on the spine, which compresses the spine’s discs.

Follow these three remedies for a strong spine.

The strength of the abdominal and back muscles is crucial for the stability of the spine. These muscles make the spine balanced and robust. The stronger these are, the less pressure is placed on the spine. For this, you can consult a professional, or you can also do some dieting.

1) Pelvic tilt or Bridge Exercise: 

How does work from home connects with us mentally
How does work from home connects with us mentally? Image by Pixabay

Lie on the ground. We keep the emphasis on the toes, lifting the hips, and keeping the body straight. Hold for 10 to 15 seconds again and do three sets of 15 minutes. Keep a one-minute break between each set. Doing this strengthens your hip muscles. The lower back gets support, and the spine becomes strong.

2) Child’s Pose Yoga:

  1. Sit on your toes.
  2. Keep the palms close to the floor.
  3. Stay in this pose for 1 to 2 minutes while breathing.
  4. While breathing comes back to the previous state.

Similar cow and cat poses are also functional. You can get more information about them from the internet or a yoga book. Doing this improves blood circulation in your body and strengthens the spine, thighs, hips, and ankles. The spinal muscles get strong.

3) Walk Regularly:

Walk in between while watching TV or working from home. It decreases muscle stiffness and increases flexibility, and your mood also improves.

4) Sitting and standing position

It would be best if you improved these sitting and standing habits.

Correct Sitting Position:

  1. Keep the computer screen at eye level instead of bending your neck towards the computer screen, windshield, etc.
  2. Keep your back straight on the chair.
  3. If necessary, fold the pillow or towel and put it on the waist.
  4. Keep the keyboard at elbow height. There should be a 90-degree angle between the hips and knees.
  5. Make sure the feet are on the floor in a comfortable position.

When standing:

  1. Always keep your head straight.
  2. While using the mobile, keep it at eye level.
  3. Keep the shoulders pulled back slightly.
  4. Legs should be straight, and knees should be in a normal position.
  5. The weight of the body should fall between the legs.
  6. And it would be best if you spread the feet equal to the width of your shoulders.

There will be six times more pressure on the spine if we sit incorrectly. Work from home culture is not wrong in today’s time, but the changes that happen in your body matter to you. Work from home and health have a lot of meaning for us, but our health is our natural wealth, and we can’t ignore it. It was how “Work From Home” connected with us mentally. I hope this article proves to be of some help.

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