How to boost your immunity given the severity of Omicron?

The WHO says that Omicron has become a significant threat to the world. Preliminary data have shown that Omicron has a more extraordinary ability to infect a person, and it may also take a toll on the immune system. The RTPCR test reveals the virus in the body and not the variant. A genome sequencing study becomes necessary in such a situation, which detects the virus's mutations. But this process is slow, complicated, and expensive. By keeping some simple things in mind, one can overcome this complex situation.

Boost Your Immunity Given The Severity Of Omicron

The Omicron variant of COVID-19 had spread worldwide at a fast pace. Omicron is 70% more contagious than the previous strains of Corona. The number of Omicron infected is increasing day by day. In such a situation, our immune system will help fight this virus. You can also make yourself strong from the inside by boosting your immune system. Let’s start with how to boost your immunity, given the severity of Omicron.

This new variant of the virus first came to light in South Africa. The WHO has recently described this new variant of the Covid-19 as “a matter of concern” and named it Omicron. South African doctor “Angelique Coetzee first detected it.” She said that those suffering from this variant had prevalent symptoms of Covid.

What Is Genome Sequencing?

In simple language, genome sequencing is a kind of bio-data of a virus. A virus may have over one variant. A genome is a piece of complete information about the genetics of a virus. Genome gives information about what a virus is like, its compatibility, appearance, etc.

Roughly, genome sequencing is a method of knowing all about the virus’s mutations. It is only from this that the new strain of Corona lights. That is Omicron. To understand this, one has to understand the genome first.

Human cells contain genetic material called DNA and RNA. You can name all these substances altogether, the genome. In scientific language, it pronounces strain as a genetic variant. Since strain’s capacity varies, so in simple language, scientists give them different names. Their size and fluctuations in their nature are also different. The genome holds detailed information related to the DNA of any virus.

It has reported more than a dozen strains of the Coronavirus so far. These include strains ranging from SARS Covid to Coronavirus. These include variants named A-2, B-4, A-3. Thus, genome sequencing is the technique to find out detailed information about variants. With its help, we notice the ill effects of a virus. Scientists worldwide are gathering new data on Omicron.

Boost Your Immunity Given The Severity Of Omicron
Boost your immunity given the severity of Omicron

Unusual symptom of Omicron

The WHO has warned that Omicron spreads faster than any other corona variant, so there is a need to be careful. After getting vaccinated, people neglect to pay attention to the symptoms. Experts say that the cases are likely to increase because of this negligence. It is why health experts tell people not to ignore any of these. Doctors have reported one unusual sign of Omicron, which usually goes unnoticed.

The most common corona symptoms are loss of taste and aroma, fever, sore throat, and body ache. But not every Omicron patient suffers from these symptoms. Based on the data, scientists say that only 50% of corona patients are feeling fever, phlegm, and lack of taste. Yet, most patients with Omicron have one characteristic symptom: loss of appetite. If you are not feeling hungry or have other symptoms, you must consult a doctor or expert and do a Covid test.

Omicron cases continue to rise in South Africa. Yet, the number of people admitted to the hospital is less. UK Genome Sequencing has found that “Omicron cases have seen an increase due to Spike-gene target failure (SGTF). The S-gene is a part of a virus that often mutates to protect itself from drugs and the body’s immune cells. With Omicron, the mutation of the spike gene is higher. It will allow the delta-variant to grow.”

S-Gene Target Failure (SGTF) is a strategy for detecting a new virus variant. It identifies a particular Spike-gene in the virus and its mutations. The health consortium said there is some gesture that Omicron may be mild. Still, there is insufficient data on whether it is because of a previous wave or due to vaccination.

Boost Your Immunity Given The Severity Of Omicron

If exposed to the Coronavirus, a robust immune system can reduce the severity of symptoms. It can even help beat various variants of COVID-19. If you want to boost your immunity, include immunity-boosting meals in your diet. Also, avoid some habits that weaken your immunity. Let us know about them-

1- Consumption of tiny fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables can help the body make the white blood cells needed to fight infection. Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in many nutrients. These nutrients, like zinc, beta-carotene, vitamins A, C, and E, are essential for health. Consuming plant-based food also helps to increase immunity. Hence, those who don’t consume these must intake fresh fruits and vegetables.

2- lack of sleep

If you don’t get enough sleep, your chances of getting infected with the virus are high. If you get caught by the virus once, it can take a long to recover. According to WebMD, our body cannot produce antibodies because of insufficient sleep. The body releases a protein called cytokinesis when one sleeps. It helps increase immunity. If you do not get enough sleep, your body can’t produce this protein, and immunity becomes weak. Take at least 7-8 hours of deep sleep.

3- Avoid smoking

Smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco can weaken the body’s ability to fight germs. Consuming nicotine from any source can also be a significant cause of cancer. When you get used to it, its chemicals suppress the immune response. Due to which the immunity decreases, so please stay away from these as much as possible.

4- high-fat diet

The oils in a high-fat diet can hinder the production of germ-fighting white blood cells. Over time, high-fat diets upset the balance of bacteria in your gut, which aids in the immune response. So, instead of high-fat food, consume low-fat dairy products that do not contain extra sugar. Like you can consume seafood, chicken, or eggs.

5- Deficiency of Vitamin-D

Vitamin D is a must for strong bones and healthy blood cells. Vitamin D also helps in boosting your immune system. You can also get vitamin D from eggs, fatty fish, milk, and cereals. People who take less sunlight also have less immunity. Sitting in the sun is also most beneficial in forming vitamin D.

6- Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety can weaken your immunity in the shortest possible time. Chronic stress makes it difficult to defend against flu, herpes, and other viruses. If you cannot reduce your anxiety, do yoga or meditation. Otherwise, the immunity will decrease.

Vaccine effect on Omicron

Doctors say no evidence that the current vaccine will not affect the Omicron variant. Yet, some mutations found on the spike gene may reduce the effectiveness of vaccines. Although, the vaccine creates antibodies and cellular immunity, giving better protection. Thus, there is a piece of evidence that the vaccine protects against severe disease. That’s why everyone must get both doses of the vaccine.

Eric Topol, professor of molecular medicine in the US, made a claim on social media about the vaccine. He said that “in people who have taken both doses, its effect falls to 52% six months after getting the second dose. In contrast, immunity boosts from 52 to 88% in people receiving booster doses. But the effect of the booster dose will also start decreasing after ten weeks. It will also be less effective against Omicron than Delta.”


Omicron is a new variant of Coronavirus. Scientists are not considering it as deadly as Delta or Delta Plus, but it spreads much faster than those. People are confident that they have got both doses done. Still, everyone needs to be careful because anything can happen in the future.

It’s in the dark that no one assures how long the vaccine will work. After all, it is a question of life. We should consider it a cause for concern about its high infectivity and immune evasion. One must apply a mask, clean hands from time to time, and follow social distancing to avoid infection.

Thanks for reading; I’ll advise you to work from home and stay healthy. Thanks.

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