How to keep data confidential if your device gets stolen?


"How do you find or track its location if you lose your mobile phone? Google and Apple have introduced a feature to find the lost phone, and you know this feature as 'Find My Device.' There is a difference between mobile and laptop. Smartphones are always connected via telecom or WiFi, so locating them is easy. But laptops are not always connected, and hence it is a bit difficult to locate. If your valuable phone or laptop gets stolen, don't worry about the data in it. But read this to know how to keep data confidential if your mobile or laptop gets stolen?"

Nowadays, the most valuable and essential thing in our life is either our phone or laptop. If any of these disappear for a while, we get upset in such a situation. The big reason behind this is the critical data saved on our phones or laptop. So, let’s know about some things by which you can keep data confidential If your device gets stolen.

Today, we do all the necessary work with mobile and laptops. Anyone can access your Gmail account if you lose any of these, often set up on your mobile and laptop. What can you do then? Many people save their old memories in photos on their laptops.

Our phone often falls while passing somewhere or in a crowded place. Or, if someone steals your laptop, you do not need to panic now. There are many such features in Android phones by which you can locate your phone. Apart from this, if you want, you can also delete the data of your mobile or laptop without touching it.

So let us know about both one by one. How can you prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands?

Google provides the “Find My Phone” feature on your Android phones. With this feature, one can also remove data from their stolen mobiles and locate the device. Apart from this, you can also lock the phone with the help of a PIN, passcode, or pattern. If you want, you can also put a message on the screen. With which anyone seeing that can contact you. Let us know what you have to do to set this feature?

How to find the stolen phone?

Suppose someone steals your Android phone, and you want to trace the phone. Or, you are going to lock your phone and delete data. You have to be very careful about a few things.

1- First of all, ensure that someone switches your stolen phone on. It means that the thief has to turn on your mobile.

2- It is necessary to sign in to a Google Account on your stolen phone. Means you haven’t logged out of your Google account.

3- Be on the lookout if someone connects your phone to data or WiFi. It means the internet is coming on mobile through a sim card or WiFi.

4- Your phone should be visible on Google Play, and the location settings should be on.

5- It is also essential to have the Find My Device setting on your phone.

Now you can follow the steps given below to search for the phone. let’s know

  • First, go to and log in to your Google account to search for the phone. It should be the same Google account used on your phone. After signing in, you will see your phone in the top left corner.
  • Here you will get information about when the phone was last online and how much battery is available. Which company’s SIM you are using will also be visible.
  • Now you will know the approximate location of your phone on Google Map. If the present site of your phone is not available, then Google will tell the last spot.
  • Now you go to the place where the phone’s location is. Now select the play sound option here. The phone will ring for 5 minutes even when it is silent.
  • If your phone is present at some unknown place, then take the help of the police. The police can trace it immediately from the IMEI code of the phone. That’s why it’s crucial to have the phone box with the IMEI number.
  • If you want to lock the screen of the lost phone, then select the Secure Device option. It will lock your phone, and you can also sign out of your Google account.
  • If you want, you can also leave a message with your number on the screen to contact you when someone gets a call.

If you want, you can also delete the data from the phone. But keep in mind that this will delete your phone’s data forever. In this case, the option “Find my device” will also not work. To erase, you have to select erase device option on It is one way to keep your data confidential If your device gets stolen.

How to secure stolen laptop data?

This USB cable will lock the laptop and delete the data in case of theft. 

This USB cable can save sensitive data if someone loses or steals their laptop. A team has designed this device under the project “Buskill.”

Your responsibilities double if you are a journalist, activist, businessman, or government employee. Laptops usually contain your crucial data. Sometimes, the data is so sensitive that it can harm you if someone else gets it. And, if you are a software engineer like me, the loss could be a bit much.

If you are a victim of laptop theft, your problems will increase. You cannot delete the laptop’s data in this case. If someone stole your computer for the wrong purpose, the consequences could be grave.

The “Buskill” Project has launched a custom USB magnetic breakaway cable. This USB device protects people from such incidents by acting as a “dead man switch.” As soon as someone snatches your laptop from your hand, it will lock your computer by losing contact with it.

Buskill USB cable, how to keep data confidential If your device gets stolen?
How to keep data confidential If your device gets stolen?

For this, you always have to keep the BusKill custom USB connection with your laptop. Your computer will lock itself as soon as someone disconnects it from the computer. That is, no one else will be able to get data from your laptop under any condition.

The company has said that we have been working on BusKill for two years. We have created it by crowdsourcing. This cable is currently on sale, and people can buy it for $59. This USB cable can work with laptops running macOS, Windows, and Linux.

According to the “BusKill” project, they design this USB cable differently. It locks the system as soon as someone separates it from your laptop.

Yet, there are other advantages to Linux-based laptops. Because Linux users can set up the app with self-destruct command. That is, in this situation, the preset command will erase your machine’s data, and no one will be able to access it.

In the coming time, the team of the BusKill project is also going to bring some new features to it. For example, the device shuts down if someone removes the cable. Such devices can be of great use to people. This USB cable confirms that your data will be safe even if someone snatches or steals your laptop.

No one will be able to access your laptop’s data without your permission. So, No one can access your device without your presence. This cable can protect other high-risk users’ data like travelers and crypto traders. But if you do not have this cable, then, first of all, change the password of the Google account of your lost device.

This means you must change the password of all your important documents as soon as you lose the device. Using this USB cable, you can keep your data confidential If your device gets stolen.

Some laptop tracking software

There are many laptop tracking software, among which some are here.

Prey: Installing this free software means installing your agent on your laptop. This agent monitors everything. But doesn’t activate until it gets the remote signal from its owner. In case of laptop loss, it monitors its location, hardware, and network status via email or SMS message. Along with collecting all the evidence, it also allows the deletion of the data.

Download Link –

Adeona: It is like Prey, a free, open-source software. Once installed, it sends the location details of the laptop to its servers over the internet. The software keeps this information on the server for a week. If you lose your machine, you can view the data held on this server through the website. For example, the location of the laptop, through which IP address was it connected to the internet?

Download Link – or type “Adeona” in your browser’s search bar.

Laptop Cop: For this, you will have to spend a little more than $32. It monitors the laptop through geolocation. You can delete or recover files with the help of this. One keeps notes on every movement of the lost laptop. It records and sends each key that someone types on the keyboard. Information about the criminal’s email address etc. reaches you.

Download Link – Type laptop-cop in the search bar of your browser.

When someone’s laptop steals, it is not lost alone. Along with this, one also loses valuable data and material without any backup. The chances of recovery of lost data become negligible. The damage caused by this theft is not limited to the cost of the laptop. This theft can result in many other stealings and frauds as well.

If someone steals or loses your laptop, the chances of getting it back become very slim. If your sensitive data is in the hands of others, they can misuse it. So it is better that you keep your phone and laptop locked with a complex password.

If your laptop has Windows 11 or Windows 10, search for Dynamic Lock in the search bar. With this, you can connect your computer with a mobile. Now you have paired the laptop and mobile. So, when your computer goes away from the reach of your mobile. It will be automatically locked. For this, you have to select “Allow Windows to lock your device when you’re away automatically.”

I am stopping writing about keeping data confidential If the device gets stolen. I hope this helps someone a little. Also, I would like to say that the responsibility for your belongings is ultimately yours. Stay away from alcohol and avoid going to crowded places. Of course, you can share your experiences at any time. Thank you & take care of your health.


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