8 Surefire ways to prolong the lifespan of mobile and revive battery life!


"You must have heard that sometimes mobile phones explode, causing serious injury. If our phone gets soaked in water by mistake, there is a fear of it getting damaged. In such a situation, you need to know what regards you should take towards your phones in everyday life. So let's start with how to prolong the life span of mobile phones by reviving their battery life?"

In the last few days, there have been many cases of explosions in the smartphone’s battery. At the same time, this blast in the mobile device causes severe injuries in many people. Recently, the battery of the OnePlus Nord 2 exploded in Delhi, in which the user has suffered a lot. So let’s start to prolong the lifespan of mobile phones by reviving their battery life, and how?

Prolong The Lifespan Of Mobile Phones By Reviving Their Battery Life.

In such cases, the smartphone’s battery company always says that this accident happened due to the user’s mistake. Today, we will tell you the reason for such incidents and what measures one can take to avoid them in such a situation. And these are as follows.

Avoid Using Damaged Battery.

Experts say that often, such accidents happen due to the battery damage of the smartphone. While using the mobiles, it often falls from our hands on the ground, due to which our smartphone’s battery gets misplaced or damaged. In such a situation, problems like short circuits and overheating can occur on the phone at any time.

Phone servicing is also necessary.

If there is a short circuit or overheating in the battery in such a smartphone, then the phone’s battery starts bloating first. By looking at any phone, you can calculate whether the battery is full or not. If your smartphone battery is draining, then you should have it checked at a service center shortly. With such small precautions, you can avoid a significant danger.

Charge phone with original charges.

Often, when we lose our phone’s charger, we charge our phone by buying a charger at a low price from any local company. In such a situation, the risk of explosion in the battery of the device increments. Charging the battery with any other charger causes the phone’s internal parts to heat up, proving quite dangerous. It is the reason that every company gives a designed charger to charge it with the mobile. That is why always use the original charger to charge the phone, which comes with the mobile.

Don’t Overcharge the Battery.

People often do not get time to charge their phones during the day in today’s busy life. In such a situation, people sleep at night by putting their phones plugged into the USB cable. Due to this, your phone continues to charge even after full charge, which can prove to be very dangerous.

Experts say that overcharging the phone causes both the mobile and the battery to heat up, which increases the risk of explosion in the device. So it would be best if you were careful while charging your phone.

Do not make the following mistakes with your mobile.

8 Surefire ways to prolong the lifespan of mobile and revive battery life!
Prolong the lifespan of mobile phones and laptops. Repair your laptop easily with laptop repair made easy!

Nowadays, we all use smartphones for everything from office work to entertainment. For this reason, the battery of the smartphone runs out, and we need to charge it. But, we often make such mistakes with the mobile phone battery, and we have to bear the harmful consequences. Today, we will tell you about similar errors here, which can blast your phone or reduce its battery life.

By not making such mistakes, or by forgetting to make them, you will prolong the lifespan of mobile phones. Here are 8 surefire ways:

1) Never sleep with the smartphone under the pillow. Doing this increases the heat of the mobile and puts weight on its battery. Due to this, there is a fear of blasting the phone due to overheating. So don’t forget to do this.

2) Never use a duplicate charger or adapter. It can damage the charging point and battery life of the phone. Always use the original charger.

3) Try to avoid charging the mobile with a car charger. Please use the power bank to charge the phone.

4) If your mobile starts getting hot in some time, stop using it immediately and not let it contact you. It will give the smartphone time to come to the average temperature. And the battery backup will also remain good.

5) Never buy a duplicate and cheap battery whenever you get your phone repaired or lose your brand new battery. Always give priority to original batteries and buy them only from a registered brand showroom.

6) Do not leave the phone on charge for more than two hours. It can also begin the mobile to overheat and increase the chance of its blasting.

7) Never keep the smartphone in direct or strong sunlight. It causes the phone to overheat, which increases the chances of an explosion.

8) Don’t forget to get your mobile repaired from the local repair shop. Always give preference to the official service center.

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Ways to revive a cell phone battery if it is sunk in water.

This white packet removes the moisture from the mobile battery that has gone into the water. Sometimes by mistake, the mobile kept in our pocket or held in hand goes into the water. After this, its battery gets damaged and the mobile stops working.

Now there is no need to worry about the battery of the mobile that got in the water. A small white packet can correct it. Yes, we are telling the consumers about the quality of the white bag that comes with the product.

When a consumer takes any item from the market, they often see a small white clump in the box of clothes or electronic goods. It is usually written on this packet that “Do not eat.” The ordinary consumer throws this packet as unusable, but no one knows that this small bag is handy.

First, know what happens inside this packet.

The packet of this white pudding contains silica gel. We can protect the necessary papers or documents related to business or property with silica gel from dampness or moisture. To protect iron or electronic items from rust, you can also keep them using silica gel present in the cauldron. In such a situation, you have to keep silica packets with these salmon.

Prolong The Life Span Of Mobile Phones - Silica protects the mobile by absorbing its moisture.
Prolong The Lifespan Of Mobile Phones – Silica protects the mobile by absorbing its moisture.

Silica protects the mobile in this way.

If the mobile has fallen in the water, then take it out of the water. After this, clean it with a cloth and take out the battery inside the mobile. When it comes out, clean it with a cloth and keep it with a packet of silica or a rag for thirty to fifty minutes. In this way, the moisture of the mobile phone battery will be gone. After this, you can gossip with your family or friends by putting the battery back in the mobile.

Four reasons why your smartphone takes much time to charge?

Nowadays, most smartphones come with big batteries. Along with the support for fast charging technology is also given in them. But despite this, many times, users have to meet the problem of slow charging speed. If you are facing such a problem, then this is going to be beneficial for you. Today we will tell you in detail why your mobile is taking more time to charge.

1 – Smartphone cable and charger

Bad chargers and cables are a significant reason for the slow charging of smartphones. Sometimes there becomes a cut on the cover over the cable, increasing the chances of damage to the thin, delicate wire rapped inside. The smartphone’s charging also becomes slow due to internal faults in the charger and dust accumulation on the connector.

2 – Software update

Often and generally, users do not download the software update that came in the smartphone. It is the reason why the smartphone becomes slow and takes time to charge. Not only this, but the problem of heating also starts in the smartphone. Always download software updates to avoid these troubles.

3 – Background apps

Due to the significant active apps in the background, the battery power of the smartphone starts draining. Along with this, the consumption of random access memory (RAM) also rises, and the smartphone starts discharging fast. Thus, close the active app in the background after using the smartphone.

4 – Smartphone battery

Due to the old battery of the smartphone, the charging speed also matters. It is a common problem. To avoid this problem, you can buy a new smartphone or a brand new battery. Also, When purchasing, you should look for a smartphone with a more extensive (>=4000Mah) battery at least. In this way, you can prolong the lifespan of mobile phones by reviving their battery life.


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