Signs of emotional attraction to someone we haven’t met earlier.


“Relationships come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Emotional attraction is one of those sensations that makes you feel as though you've known someone your entire life. It's a big part of why we want to be with someone. But how exactly does it work? People might sense emotional attraction to others in a variety of ways. There are no regulations governing how it works. It's not like you have to pinpoint exactly why you're drawn to someone else. Instead, ask them what it is about them that makes them so appealing. It just happens all the time. Let's see if anyone else feels the same way as we do.”

Emotional attraction refers to the feelings of connection, affection, and compatibility that people experience toward each other, often resulting from shared values, interests, and experiences. It is distinct from physical or sexual attraction and can exist independently of them. It is a critical component of healthy relationships and can develop over time through consistent conversation, trust-building, and vulnerability.

Emotional attraction

Signs of emotional attraction to someone

Signs of emotional attraction to someone I haven’t seen or spoken to in years! As humans, we can feel emotional attraction to someone after a very long period or even after having the first meeting with them. Does this happen to everyone, and why does it occur? My answer to this is: YES, and a lot happens in the brain that causes us to do just this.

It’s normal to hang out with an old friend from high school or college for a long time. You probably have a lot of things in common, like similar backgrounds or interests. You may also have shared a lot of memories together, so, naturally, you might yearn for their company after so much time has passed.

This is especially true if the other person was who you lost your virginity to or had some other deep emotional bond with. Suppose you feel like this longing for them is becoming more than just a memory impacting your daily life. Then there are some things you need to know about emotional attraction.

Okay… Let me break this down in the simplest way. Even after you haven’t seen someone for a while or haven’t talked to them, it’s common to be emotional because you have been present for so long. So, those feelings are not about them — those feelings are about YOU and how you feel about yourself. When the timing is right and balanced, it will be easier than ever to talk with someone because their words don’t affect you as much as your own self-defeating thoughts and beliefs.

Signs of emotional attraction to someone we haven't met earlier.
Signs of emotional attraction to someone we haven’t met earlier.

What does this mean if I feel emotional and strong attraction toward someone I haven’t met or haven’t spoken to in years?

There may be an intense desire for a specific individual that drives emotional attraction. It’s normal to feel it for someone you’re dating or in love with, but it can also happen when you meet someone old and laid off. The brain releases a dopamine chemical, which aids in having a spark for someone. It happens to everyone, even if they aren’t aware of it. You might feel the same way about your friend’s first boyfriend or girlfriend, or even the guy or girl next door.

When we’re attracted to someone emotionally, all our senses work overtime. We notice everything about them — their clothes, eyes, styles… even the smell! Our bodies react to them. Our hearts beat faster, and our faces may flush as blood rushes through our bodies faster than usual. We know this as vasodilation. These physical reactions don’t just happen when we see someone we find attractive, but also when we talk or get in touch with them!

What is emotional attraction?

Emotional attraction is the feeling of being drawn to someone and needing to be around them. It’s a desire to be with this person, enjoy their company, laugh with them, and feel safe. You may feel you can’t get enough of this person and that they make you happy in ways others don’t.

How does emotional attraction work?

Did you know that if you want something with your heart, the entire universe works on getting it to meet you? That’s how powerful our thoughts are, and this applies to all of us. We have the ability to attract what we want in life. It just takes a bit of practice and an understanding of how the universe works. It is imperative to know that there are many types of attraction. Three among them are Romantic, Physical, and Emotional Attraction.

Physical attraction is when someone looks at the outside appearance of another person (their body) and feels attracted to or turned on by it. Emotional appeal is when someone feels connected to another person on an emotional level.

Romantic attraction differs from emotional attraction (which involves feelings of admiration, respect, and friendship). Emotional attraction makes us want to spend time with someone and connect with them more personally.

As I mentioned, the universe is not random; it follows your intentions and desires. If you want something with your heart, the entire universe works towards getting it to meet you. You may think, “Well, if I want something bad enough, why doesn’t it happen?” Most people don’t know how to use their intention correctly.

Emotional attraction works by creating an instant bond between two people who share similar interests, values, or beliefs. Their similarities inspire them to learn more about each other and explore those similarities further.

When two people have an emotional connection, they share an unspoken understanding of each other’s feelings and needs — even if they’ve only just met! This kind of connection isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes some time for two people to get close enough to develop naturally.

Why am I attracted to a person I haven’t spoken to in a long time? Is it real?

Signs of emotional attraction to someone else! Why am I attracted to the person I haven’t spoken to in a long time? Is it real?
Signs of emotional attraction to someone else!

Does wanting to be around someone or talk to them mean that you’re emotionally drawn to them? There are many ways to express your feelings for someone. There’s no one way to show you’re attracted to someone, either. It can attract you to a friend or acquaintance without you realizing it. It’s perfectly normal to have crushes on people who don’t reciprocate your feelings.

You might be interested in someone but not emotionally attracted to them. You just like spending time with them because they’re fun to be around. Someone can attract you, even if you don’t want them as a romantic partner. Maybe you’re just curious about what it would be like if it happened now.

Think about it for a moment. If someone asked you why you were spending time with one particular friend, would your answer be “because they’re attractive”? Or would your answer be something like “because they’re my friends”?

Do most people even know what it means when someone says they’re attracted to someone else? Does anyone truly understand what it means when they say they’re sexually attracted to someone? Do they know exactly how their body reacts when they see or hear something and then try to rationalize what that feeling signifies in terms of attraction?

Someone can emotionally attract you without being physically inclined. It’s perfectly possible to have a crush on a friend or family member, even if you’re not physically attracted to them.

– This is a case of emotional attraction overriding physical attraction.

Emotional attraction is about what you experience with another person. In other words, it’s about how much you like and admire someone, and how eager you want to be there and spend time with them. Furthermore, it’s about how much they make you feel happy when they’re around. They might be funny or witty, thoughtful or kind, and that can make you feel at ease when they’re around.

Physical attraction is about what you perceive in another person – mainly their appearance, but it can also be about how they smell or sound. It’s essentially an animal reaction designed to help us find mates who are genetically appropriate for us. The more similar our genes are, the more likely we will produce healthy offspring.

How do you know when someone is attracted to you?

It’s funny because I used to think that the best way to tell if someone was interested in me was to see if they were making eye contact with me. It didn’t work, but it often gave me hope. To know when someone is attracted to you, the answer is simple: they act like they are! Here are some signs of emotional attraction that someone likes you. They can point out these:

  1. Smiling at you.
  2. Laugh at your jokes and stories.
  3. Ask questions about what you’re saying. Even if those questions have nothing to do with what you’re talking about. For example: “Wow, cool story about your trip to Spain” or “What made you decide on law school?”
  4. They ask for your number or give theirs first (or both).
  5. Dabbing you on the arm when they talk to you or leaning in close when they speak so that their bodies are close to yours. This might seem like something from an old romantic comedy, but it’s a subtle sign of interest because it lets you know they want to be near you.
  6. They make eye contact with you when talking and don’t look away awkwardly.
  7. They smile at you in a way that makes your heart beat faster.
  8. Show interest in what you’re saying by asking questions or nodding along with your story.
  9. They play with their hair when they talk to you.

If someone looks at you a certain way or says something that shows they are interested in getting to know you better, they’re probably attracted to you. But if someone doesn’t make eye contact with you or ignores you, they’re likely not interested in anything more than friendship. Are you aware of these signs of emotional attraction?

Signs of emotional attraction
Signs of emotional attraction

What are some signs of emotional attraction?

The signs of emotional attraction are subtle, but they’re there. It’s possible to tell if someone is interested in you or not by knowing what to look for. If someone is intrigued by you, they’ll probably start showing an interest in how they look at you and talk to you. If a guy likes you, he might:

  1. Look at your lips when he talks to you or thinks about kissing them.
  2. Smile more often around you than alone.
  3. Touch your arm or hand when talking to you. He may also play with his hair when talking about something that makes him nervous — like asking him out on a date.
  4. Look at your eyes first when meeting someone new or reintroducing yourself after not seeing them for a while. This could be an evolutionary response.
  5. When he meets someone, he will ask them about you and remember their responses later. Yet, this may happen even if he isn’t interested in them romantically.
  6. Try to impress you with his sense of humor by telling jokes or stories that are funny only if the listener laughs (this doesn’t always work — some people just aren’t funny out loud).
  7. They ask questions about your life, including personal questions about your family, friends, or past relationships.
  8. They start a conversation with you, which is not always easy for someone who is nervous around new people.

When you’re attracted to someone, you want to be near them, and you may feel butterflies when you’re together. You may also feel energized, excited, or nervous when you think about them. When someone falls in love with you, they might show their interest by complimenting you, giving gifts, and spending time with you.

Also, they may look attractive to catch your attention. Some people flirt because they are interested in dating or having a relationship with you. If someone is interested in pursuing a relationship with another person, they usually let the other person know through their actions and words.

If someone flirts with you but doesn’t talk about a future date or ask for your phone number, then it probably means that they’re just having fun. They want nothing more than that right now.

Sexual attraction vs. emotional attraction.

Among the most obvious and significant characteristics of a relationship is sexual attraction. You can tell if they attract you while talking to them, and they can tell if you attract them. It could be their eyes, body language, or just how they walk.

Emotional attraction is more complicated because it requires a relationship (friendship). It’s about how much fun you have together, how much you want to spend time with each other, and how much you trust each other. It’s about wanting to be with that person forever and not being able to imagine life without them. Emotional attraction differs from romantic attraction as defined above.

Sexual attraction can exist without romantic attraction, but romantic attraction often includes sexual attraction.

Sexual attraction is not always easy to define, yet there are some traits that most individuals find attractive in others:

Proper hygiene: This doesn’t mean that you have to smell like roses or use expensive shampoo or cologne. It means that your breath should be fresh, and your body should be clean (no odor). Your clothes shouldn’t have stains on them either!

Healthy body shape: Most people find bodies with healthy muscle tone attractive because this suggests health and strength. It’s easy to be lazy when you’re not hungry all the time. Most people will find it attractive if someone has an athletic build without being too muscular or bulky.

Attraction can also develop slowly over time as you get to know each other better and better. So it eventually becomes clear that there is something special between the two of you, and perhaps there could be something more serious down the road.

Emotional attraction is intricate, and it can be tricky to figure out what those feelings really mean.

Sometimes you’re so convinced that you’re in love with one person that romantic feelings for someone else are impossible. You know you’re not interested in someone at all, but they just won’t stop trying to convince themselves otherwise.

It’s hard enough to figure out how to define your own feelings without dealing with someone else’s confusion about them. But sometimes, people don’t realize that their feelings aren’t reciprocated until they’ve already made a move. If someone’s crush isn’t mutual, it can be difficult for them to accept the truth — even if it’s staring them right in the face. Here are some signs that might help:

They keep saying things like “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure.”

When someone genuinely likes someone else emotionally, they’ll usually have no problem telling them this from the get-go. But if someone isn’t sure about their feelings, they may try to avoid making any declarations. They may not know whether they’re special if someone keeps saying things like this.

It’s not uncommon for people to get confused about whether they’re in love at first sight or just having a crush on someone. If you feel like your crush doesn’t want to be with you, it can be tempting to assume that they’ll never feel the same way. But this isn’t always true. Sometimes, a crush needs some time to develop into something more.

Emotional attraction is intricate, and it’s tricky to figure out what those feelings really mean.

There are several factors that contribute to emotional attraction. There are a few universal truths about what makes someone hot or not. People who are physically attractive to you may not be the ones you’re most attracted to emotionally.

And people who seem like an ideal match on paper may not set your heart racing at all. Even if you feel you’ve met the one and know that they’re “the one,” it’s worth reflecting on why that might be the case. Most importantly, whether your relationship will last for the long haul.

Signs of emotional attraction to someone we haven't met earlier.
Signs of emotional attraction and the secret ingredient to lasting love!

Concluding the signs of emotional attraction.

Most everyone has felt emotional attraction at least once, regardless of sexuality. It is the feeling of being drawn to someone. We may not know why we think this way, but it is a potent force. I guess this is probably how we survive as a species. Relationships will experience hardships ranging from life changes to disagreements and arguments. Both parties will drift apart before you know it. Yet, it is not one of the symptoms of emotional attraction.

Romantic attraction is the desire to start and maintain an intimate relationship with someone. In contrast, emotional attraction is a complex feeling that can happen instantly or take you by surprise. It creates a sense of obsession that intensifies the connection between two objects. Unknowingly, you establish a bond. This is about a case of emotional attraction when someone does not have any prior knowledge of how/why they feel this way. 

You may not be in contact with an old flame anymore, and you haven’t talked to them for years. After a while, the missing person fades away, like a memory. You don’t see them or hear from them. Sure, your mind might wander at times, and you may start thinking about them. You can look at the pictures you took together and think about what they are up to at the moment.

Let us know if you want to share your thoughts about signs of emotional attraction to someone you haven’t met. The comment box appears below. Thank you.


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