Artificial intelligence, will it be as pleasant in the future?


The future of artificial intelligence looks promising, but how will it affect us? Intellectuals have said humans themselves created the way to their destruction. What do you think, is it the same? Countries around the world are developing AI further and are crazy about it. There has been a competition between them to achieve this. It is a matter of concern. So, you will find a discussion on the good and immoral effects of artificial intelligence. Let's have a fierce look at it.

Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming a part of our lifestyle. Now the craze of people worldwide towards this technology is increasing. Its use has grown at a rapid pace after the Corona crisis. New career opportunities have emerged in the country and abroad. Whether the future of artificial intelligence be pleasant? Let’s shed light on this.

Are you looking for a career pathway in the new field of the IT sector? Then you can brighten your future by taking an Artificial Intelligence course. According to research, AI will increase four-five times in the next few years.

The thing that makes humans the greatest on this earth is intelligence. In the same way, Artificial Intelligence will give new heights to technology. We are in the 5th generation in the era of technology. Its most immense contribution is Artificial Intelligence, i.e., AI. If you are connecting AI only with robots, it is not so. Instead, a robot is a machine that feeds the AI programs to perform better.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) whose use is increasing at full speed

The emphasis is on the use of artificial intelligence in the world. This technology is present in games like chess, available on phones or computers. Many robot-like devices, including Google and Alexa voice assistants, use this. Yet, work on this technology is still going on. Today, we will tell you about Artificial Intelligence. What is this, how does it work, and its advantages and disadvantages?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the best technologies in the world. Two words, artificial and intelligence, together define it, meaning “artificial thinking power.” With the help of this technique, one can create such a system, which will be equal to human intelligence.

Through this technique, anyone can understand very complex facts with little effort. Also, this technology can think, understand, and act on its own. You can figure out complicated things by twisting them.

  • Such as algorithms Learning, Recognition,
  • Problem-solving, Language, Logical Reasoning,
  • Digital Data Processing, Bioinformatics, Machine Biology, etc.

Artificial Intelligence in straightforward language

You make a machine (computer, robot, or any chip). Then, feed data from all over the world related to a particular task and prepare software. This software makes an accurate assessment of situations based on the data available. Then, based on this assessment it takes the right action to guess what would be the right to do. We call this process Artificial Intelligence or AI.

Birth of Artificial Intelligence

In 1955, John McCarthy named this technology Artificial Intelligence. Let us tell you that John McCarthy was an American computer scientist. He defined artificial intelligence to make machines intelligent. That’s why people consider him the father of AI. It is enabling a computer to think, understand, and perform as a human being. One can serve it by providing the data in inputs and commands.

Artificial Intelligence Nowadays, Will It Be As Pleasant In The Future?
Artificial Intelligence, will it be as pleasant in the future?

There are four types of artificial intelligence.

We are still in the early phases of AI. Depending on the variety, its different applications are all around us. There are four types.

1) Reactive Machines:

It is the form of the oldest artificial intelligence system. These machines cannot store old data and use experiences to decide. It responds by storing limited data. For example, in 1997, IBM created a chess-playing supercomputer, “Deep Blue.” The computer defeated the famous chess player ‘Garry Kasparov.’ There did not give facility to store memory on this supercomputer. Deep Blue played the game based on the opponent’s current move.

2) Limited memory:

The Artificial Intelligence of this form stores past data. It tells about future activities using old data. The exciting thing is that this system can learn and decide on its own.

3) Theory of Mind:

This type of AI has reached the limits of the human brain by machines. At present, many devices are working as voice assistants. And, work on this type of artificial intelligence is still ongoing.

4) Self-conscious:

Work is going on, on this type of Artificial Intelligence. Scientists believe robots will know about their existence. How would it be like humans? After this, there will be no difference between humans and machines.

How does artificial intelligence work?

Artificial intelligence is a part of machine learning. The support of AI is in hardware and software to understand the algorithm with less effort. It works on three principles: process, reasoning, and behavior. AI is not synonymous with any programming language.

  1. Learning Process:

AI focuses on making rules to get data and convert it into qualified information. We know it by ‘Algorithms.’ These algorithms help the computer system complete the task.

  1. Reasoning Process:

Under this skill, AI selects the correct algorithm to reach the desired result.

  1. Self-Correction Process:

Through this skill, AI corrects the algorithms to get accurate results on its own. A perfect example of this is the missile hitting its target by turning around.

Will the future of artificial intelligence be pleasant?
Will the future of artificial intelligence be pleasant?

Will the future of artificial intelligence be pleasant?

Many powerful countries have been increasing their defense budget to make military robots. There is competition among countries worldwide to build AI-based autonomous defense systems. If war breaks out, what will be the future of a commoner, even if one is an army soldier in such a situation? Let’s get to know some excellent and dire consequences of Artificial Intelligence. So, one can think about whether the future of Artificial Intelligence will be pleasant or not.

Benefits of artificial intelligence

In the coming times, the hold of AI technology on machines will become very strong. In such a situation, you will see many changes. As mentioned below:

There will be the help of robots in performing operations in the medical sector. In this way, they will treat more patients better in less time. With this technique, all the work like X-ray reading will become easier. Its use will help doctors in research. Not only this, there can treat patients better with artificial intelligence.

The army of different countries can use robots to avert the threat to human life. Robots will do the daily chores of the house. Apart from this, this technology will be helpful in education and other sectors. If this happens, the future of Artificial Intelligence will be pleasant.

The field of sports will also benefit from the help of artificial intelligence. Players will observe their performance through this technique. Apart from this, people will get the facility to understand the game by playing in virtual mode. AI seems to prove very helpful in this way.

Its applications exist all around us.

From school-colleges to people associated with agriculture will aid from artificial intelligence. The latest equipment in agriculture will replace the old ones. In the coming time, smart drones will watch the health of crops. Farmers will do the plowing with GPS-controlled automatic tractors (Robots).

Also, information about improving the soil will be available to the farmers at the right time. It becomes possible with the use of AI and other related technology. For students, robots can also take the place of professors in the classroom. So, this is an achievement of AI.

Scientists have invented an artificial voice device, keeping a significant need in mind. It is nothing less than a divine power for deaf people to communicate daily. Behind making this device, Artificial Intelligence is nothing less than a boon. It can much improve the daily life of deaf people. If we see from this point of view, the future of Artificial Intelligence will be pleasant.

Now, you don’t have to worry about getting tested for glaucoma, a dangerous disease of the eyes. Through a new technique, one can detect glaucoma by taking a picture of a patient’s eyes. This technology works on Artificial Intelligence.

Treatment can begin as the disease start progresses for many glaucoma patients. Thus, artificial intelligence proved to be very effective in detecting this disease.

Some Invents of AI…

Artificial intelligence, will it be as pleasant in the future?
Future of Artificial intelligence, Try this one text-to-speech (TTS) to remake your writings!

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare is often increasing. Technology has developed an intelligent device wearable as glasses. A big revolution has also taken place in medicine and health through AI. With the help of this, doctors will identify the black fungus of the patient and start treatment. Hence, Doctors will detect and treat black fungus without effort upon its arrival.

Google has released AI image up-scaling technology. It will enhance the quality of low-resolution images. With the help of this, one can convert Pixelated photos into high-resolution photos. It can help in solving criminal cases.

After the automatic cars, Elon Musk is preparing to bring Tesla’s humanoid robot. This robot, about five feet eight inches tall, will act as a private servant. It will be capable of assembling parts of the car and carrying groceries to shops. The company has designed this robot for dangerous, repetitive, or tedious work. Tesla will launch this in the year 2022 (In this year).

With the help of AI, one can identify criminals even in the dark based on their physical appearance. It will become easier to trace the culprits running away by hiding their faces or disguise.

To reduce the danger of corona, Indian data scientists have invented a unique clock. An AI algorithm makes this AI economic smart device unique. It will alert you about any disturbance from a distance of 6 feet. This watch will alert you when you come close to a corona-infected individual.

Disadvantages of artificial intelligence

With Artificial Intelligence, unemployment will increase the most. Because, in the coming times, there will be more manufacturing of machines to work in place of humans. AI can be very beneficial in manufacturing and production-related sectors. From this, you can guess that the factory’s production will be more in less time. And because of less labor work, they will not have to pay much for it.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence, Will It Be As Pleasant In The Future?
Disadvantages of AI, will it be as pleasant in the future?

Durable materials build these AI-equipped machines to handle the weight. That is why the industry can use robots for longer than humans. Companies will benefit a lot from this. But unemployment and troubles can increase for the ordinary person. So, there is a fear of losing people’s jobs because of AI.

Businesses face many challenges in implementing artificial intelligence in their operations. The budget required by the organization to execute AI is not always possible. Not all companies can afford it.

With the speed at which AI develops, additional problems are also emerging. The user’s privacy remains at risk through voice and face recognition technology. It is not always that AI machines can understand the user’s command on the spot. These can reverse its effect. Still, there needed more work in voice and face recognition technology.

AI Versus Human…

No matter how big things people talk about, artificial intelligence has limited storage. On the one hand, the machine has its storage pattern where the human brain can store unlimited data. Apart from this, a device cannot compete with humans in decision-making or confusion.

Some people believe that humankind may be in danger when AI looks at its peak. Robots can develop themselves through this technology and make dangerous weapons themselves. Yet, there is still a long time for this phase to come.

Besides, AI technology can be harmful, as one can misuse it as well. There is a danger in the absence of security in technology. Machines can decide without going through the protocols that humans go through. Likewise, it may be difficult to predict the consequences of machines’ decisions.

Killer Robots or Lethal Autonomous Weapon systems are machines or robots based on AI. Their job is to attack or kill the enemy with no human orders. So, leaving the ability to decide life and death to machines instead of humans can threaten humanity.

It is difficult for the machine to differentiate.

It would be difficult for a machine or a killer robot to differentiate between a child and an adult. They cannot distinguish between a man holding a gun or a stick in their hands. For this reason, there has been a demand to ban killer robots.

Thus, there are some limitations to artificial intelligence in the industry. Machines are helpful only when the programmer programs those to follow their instructions. Even a well-designed AI can be dangerous when it makes its own decisions.

The most crucial issue is from the environmental point of view. I.e., technology is never sustainable and nature friendly. It can lead to e-waste. Which is not considered degradable, and even if one dumps it, it will release all kinds of toxic heavy metals. The result will reduce the fertility of the soil.

Famous People’s Views about AI.

Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai had warned about AI. He was addressing the company’s employees in the year 2018. He said, “The most important thing humans are researching today is artificial intelligence. It is as important as fire and electricity, which can kill humans as well. We have learned to control fire, but we struggle with its dangers. AI is one such technology that people have to work with full responsibility.”

The eminent scientist Stephen Hawking had warned many times about artificial intelligence. He said that despite all the advantages, giving intelligence to machines can prove to be the worst event in human history. According to Hawking, “AI will be the best or the worst event for humanity. Our future is the competition between the fast-growing technological power and our intelligence to use it. So make sure that our intelligence wins.”

In 2017, Tesla and SpaceX owner Elon Musk said something like this. In their words, “If you are not worried about artificial intelligence, then you should be. It is more dangerous than China or North Korea. As there is a consensus among countries worldwide about atomic bombs, similar rules should also govern AI. Otherwise, it may prove to be a substantial loss to humanity.”

The famous American researcher Raymond Kurzweil had something different to say about AI. “Technology was not limited to making tools at the beginning of this century. It is a process that gives rise to more powerful technology than ever before. Thus, it is vital to be careful about Artificial Intelligence (AI).”


Developing any technology never means that we should stop working. These are only to make our work easier. But if we forget about this, we will get nothing but disappointment. Nowadays, technology is changing quickly, and AI is taking the place of humans. This artificial intelligence will take science beyond our thinking in the coming times.

In the future, maybe artificial intelligence will decide the fate of human beings. Lest humans destroy themselves by using this artificial intelligence, I am afraid. If they don’t regulate it, the future of artificial intelligence will not be pleasant for us. In the end, I believe humans can never become God.

Thus, if artificial things have some benefits, they can also have opposite effects. Artificial Intelligence is a trend with many hidden components, and we want to see it come alive. If we use it well, then it can revolutionize our lifestyle. Nowadays, the concept of artificial intelligence is developing at a rapid pace worldwide. But it is nowhere close to achieving its full potential.


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