15 Ways To Increase Battery Lifetime of Laptop

Various manufacturers offer different tools for repairing portable batteries. In some cases, they may make other suggestions depending on the type of battery. I want to tell you some tips on how to prolong the lifetime of your laptop battery. Let's continue.

Laptop battery life is between 2 and 4 years. In other words, the new battery will be durable for up to 1000 charging and discharge cycles. Let’s find out how to increase battery life and how long a laptop battery lasts with some essential tips.

Laptops: How To Increase Battery Lifetime?

But other factors can also affect battery life, such as the equipment used to make a unit. If you want to extend the life of your portable battery, you can follow the tips provided below. Read on to find out more.

15 Ways To Increase Battery Lifetime of Laptop
15 Ways To Increase Battery Lifetime of Laptop

1. Use energy-saving options to Increase Battery Lifetime

First, you should check your laptop’s power management system. In the case of the Windows operating system, you should navigate to the power options. The easiest way to access this option is to search for it in the search bar by clicking on the Start Menu button.

If you have macOS, however, you need to go to system options and select Save Energy. There is no need to select a default to consume less electricity here. Simplifying is as simple as wanting your laptop to use less energy. You can connect your computer or laptop to an AC charger whenever you wish to enjoy full performance.

2. Use other battery-saving tools

Various manufacturers offer different tools for repairing portable batteries. In some cases, they may offer other suggestions based on the type of battery. Also, they have built-in apps. Therefore, you can use these apps/tools to monitor the battery status of the laptop. Using these tools, you can get detailed information about how much energy is left in the laptop and how long the computer will take to update.

3. Use a battery monitor to Increase Battery Lifetime

Another great way to repair built-in batteries is by third-party utilities. The good thing is that these software programs work with all products of laptops. These tools will help you gain a deeper understanding of your laptop. These are:

  • BatteryInfoView – is a utility app that gives you extensive data about your laptop’s battery.
  • The “powercfg” command is a hidden function that runs under Windows. You can use it to produce an accurate summary of your battery history.
  • BatteryMon – lets you observe laptop battery charge level by rendering a graph of its verdicts in real-time.
  • Save Battery – An easy-to-use app to check laptop battery health intended to work with tablets and Surface Laptops.
  • Smart Battery – A suite of diagnostic agents to monitor laptop battery health, perform calibration, and export battery-related data for reference.
  • Pure Battery Analytics – A well-designed app for checking/monitoring battery health built on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

The glance screen exposes the current battery status and launches persistent settings affecting battery life and total charge design capacity.

How To Increase Battery Lifetime
How to increase battery lifetime?

4. Lower the light to Increase Battery Lifetime

If you wish to set the brightness level too high, you will use too much energy. So, if you already have a little energy, you can turn off the light. Screen brightness is a significant factor that consumes a lot of battery power. But don’t reduce the glare too much, or it will catch your eye. Another strategy is to turn off the variable brightness and manually control the system.

One of the most effective ways to increase battery life is to adjust power settings. You can turn off the keyboard backlight, reduce screen timeout, and lower the volume to conserve battery life. Still, it will not save much energy.

5. Keep your device cool

Make sure your laptop is not hot. If you use the phone or laptop in an area where the temperature is very high, you will experience significant short-term and long-term battery life. Frequent shut-offs will reduce the life of your portable battery. Therefore, keeping the device as cool as possible is very important.

Keep your device cool
How to increase battery lifetime? Make laptop repair easy!

6. Use power-saving mode

Many laptops have a power-saving mode that helps extend battery life. This mode will lower the screen brightness, turn off the keyboard backlight, and put the laptop into a low-power state when it’s not in use.

7. Close unnecessary programs

Programs running in the background can drain your laptop’s battery, so close any apps you’re not using.

8. Unplug unnecessary peripherals

External devices like USB drives and webcams can drain your laptop’s battery, so unplug them when you’re not using them.

9. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

If you’re not using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, turn them off to save battery life.

10. Use a power bank

Consider purchasing a power bank to recharge your laptop when you’re on the go.

11. Use battery-saving apps

There are several battery-saving apps available that can help extend your laptop’s battery life. These apps monitor battery usage and help optimize power consumption.

12. Use hibernation mode

If you’re not using your laptop for an extended period, put it in hibernation mode to conserve battery life.

13. Turn off notifications

Notifications can be a significant drain on your laptop’s battery. Turn off notifications for apps that you don’t need to save battery life.

14. Use a solid-state drive (SSD):

SSDs consume less power than traditional hard drives, so consider upgrading to an SSD to save battery life.

15. Keep your laptop updated:

Updates often include performance improvements and bug fixes that can help optimize power consumption and extend battery life.


15 Ways To Increase Battery Lifetime of Laptop
How to increase battery lifetime? Now, laptop repair becomes easy!

In short, if you follow these fifteen tips, you will be able to extend the life of your laptop battery and get the most out of it. We hope you find these tips valuable and straightforward enough. If your laptop battery is older than two to four years, you should consider purchasing replacement batteries or just visit the link “Laptop Repair Made Easy“.

Extending the battery life of your laptop can be crucial in ensuring that you have enough power to get work done. This is true whether you’re on the go or working from home. By following these 15 tips, you can make the most of your laptop’s battery life and avoid having to constantly search for an outlet.

Adjusting power settings, using a power-saving mode, closing unnecessary programs, using a lightweight browser, unplugging unnecessary peripherals, turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, keeping the laptop cool, using battery saver apps, using hibernation mode, turning off notifications, using an SSD, and keeping your laptop updated are all great ways to optimize your laptop’s power consumption and extend battery life.

It is essential if you want to continue using your laptop and getting your assignments done. Now it’s stopping here. I hope these tips help you extend the battery life of your laptop! Was it helpful to you? If you like this post, please tell us. Thank you for reading this article. You may send us your suggestions or experiences in the form of comments, and we will feel glad.

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