Can hackers steal your data when you play on mobile?

When playing games on a mobile device, hackers can steal your data. Let's see how. The growing use of the internet makes it possible for us to do a lot of work from home. It will also have some side effects, which we will be aware of. How is fraud done online, and what are the disadvantages of playing games online? We all should avoid betting on the internet. It causes loss of money, and we become victims of unhealthy habits. Keep reading to the end of the story.

Hackers can steal your data if you habitually play online games.

Can hackers steal your data while playing online games on mobile? The proliferation of the internet has seen an increase in sites. Some of these sites are that are dangerous to both children and elders. Of these, online gaming sites are prominent. According to research, online gaming sites promote children’s gambling, betting, and exploitation.

Now that children are using game sites, the elderly are also getting sucked in. Earn’s addiction keeps troubling them. When there was nothing to do during the lockdown, people started making money in the name of gaming.

A small entry fee enabled people to earn significant money. It includes many games ranging from cricket to football. The suggested name for such games is fantasy games. There is an opportunity to bet a significant amount on these games, and people also win a substantial amount of money. But there is a ban on gambling in everyday life, so people only play online.

If you are fond of online games, you need to be careful! Cybercriminals have now made some online games a weapon of fraud. They steal data from the mobile devices of players using the game. The demand for money in return for this data is increasing.

Can hackers steal your data while you are playing on mobile?
Can hackers steal your data while you are playing on mobile?

How do they commit fraud?

People send links in the name of tempting offers on the internet. There are various options, such as free software downloads, loans, or buying used vehicles. Their strategy is to advertise massive discounts on online shopping for a limited time, such as Click Now. People often click on these links, and their data reaches cyberthugs. Then they withdraw the amount from the bank account.

Thugs or fraudsters are also doing biometric cloning in many places. These people look for sites where fingerprints are readily available and commit fraud by cloning them. Cases of fraud with ATM card cloning are often exposed.

People should not download applications like KYC, Quick Support, or Any Desk on mobile. By doing this, you connect your data directly through their application. So avoid downloading such apps.

Cybercriminals prey on people through online games and lotteries. They send a link to download the game to your mobile number. After downloading the game, when a person passes several stages while playing the game, the game gets locked after some time.

An automated process tells them, “Congratulations, your number has won the lottery.” Or else that mobile game gets locked. In return, you will get double the money if you deposit some money. And the process will also unlock the game. Because of this, the average person becomes greedy and sends money. Following this, criminals cut off contact with the person.

Fraud examples

1- Once upon a time, a man downloaded an online game a few days back. He entered the game through his Facebook ID. A few days ago, he started having trouble playing the game. Then a message came to him that someone had hacked his ID. The surprising thing is that a stranger had sent this message from that person’s Facebook ID. It proved to be a horrible experience for him.

2- A distant relative of mine is also fond of online games. For a long time, he played online games. About a week ago, his Facebook ID stopped opening. Before he could understand anything, he received a message about paying a fine if he wanted the data back. He tried to play by making another ID. Then, after a few hours, somebody also hacked that second ID.

Data sharing would be harmful

Nowadays, many online games ask permission to share mobile data during the initial process of participating in them. People in a hurry allow it. After this, all the mobile data reaches the game operators. If it falls into the wrong hands, hackers can steal your data while you are on your mobile. Will you let it happen again next time?

Blackmail with fraud

Following the theft of data from the mobile device, the game of blackmailing and bargaining begins with a message with the hacked ID. This ID can be Facebook, Twitter, or anything. No problem if the matter is readily accepted. Otherwise, they threaten to make all the data available online. Often, fraudsters find people who use debit or credit cards to play online games.

Online studies and games are weakening the eyes of children.

Since the year 2020, covid-19 has been wreaking havoc worldwide. As a result, the government had to close schools. The schools are now open, but the children are studying both offline and online. Children are completing their courses sitting at home because of online studies. Because of this, they have insomnia, restlessness, pain in the eyes, and poor eyesight. Spending more time on mobile devices and laptops can damage the eyes of children.

Family members are also worried about their children’s health. Even after studying, they play games on mobile. When this happens, children’s eyes begin to dry up. If not treated in a timely fashion, children may need glasses. It is also necessary to think about continuous learning on mobile over many hours. Side effects of mobile devices on the eyes:

  • Blurred vision in the eyes;
  • Loss of eyesight;
  • Watery eyes of children;
  • Constant burning in the eyes;
  • Sometimes, there is redness in the eyes.

When using the phone at night, its light directly affects the retina of your eyes. Because of this, your eyes have become weak. If not genetically, young people wear glasses early in such situations. During online studies, children should use zero-power glasses for eye protection.

By doing so, the light from mobile and computer screens does not fall squarely on their eyes. Also, they should avoid using their mobile devices for a long time. After studying for one and a half hours, take some rest. Wash your eyes with cold water as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Addiction to online games, alarm bells for parents?

There is nothing wrong with playing online games for a while, as a hobby, or to pass the time. But the problem arises when this hobby turns into a gaming addiction.

If this happens, then parents should be alert.

  1. When your child starts hiding online activities from you, you need to be careful as a parent;
  2. Be careful, even if your child spends more time on the Internet than necessary;
  3. If your child abruptly changes the device’s screen upon your arrival, then understand they are doing something that they should not do;
  4. If your child becomes irritable after using the Internet, it is a sign that something is wrong;
  5. Apart from this, you also need to be cautious if you see many unknown phone numbers or emails on your children’s mobile.

Check the age rating of the online games your child engages in. If a game is not suitable for your little one, you should not let them play that game. Suppose someone harasses your child while playing an online game. Ask your child not to react immediately. Instead, you should report that threat to the police.

Sometimes, you should also play online games with your child. It will help you know how your child behaves while playing the game. Apart from this, teachers and parents should explain that people design online games to make as much money as possible. That’s why children should avoid spending money on online games.

Can hackers steal your data while playing online games on mobile?
Can hackers steal your data while playing online games on mobile?

Hackers can steal your data in this way.

When a phone gets old or damaged, people often stop using it. The phone lies like a broken piece of junk for a few days. Afterward, we sell it for garbage. This deal may cost you dearly. These phones are more likely to end up on the junk market, and hackers can steal your phone’s data and use it for malicious purposes.

With this type of phone, criminals steal your data. They can access your photos, videos, social media details, and other personal data. After this, anyone can also blackmail you through those.

According to cyber experts, even if the phone gets damaged, its data remains safe on its drive. When anyone turns that mobile phone on, the information in it gets caught in the hands of criminals. According to experts, people need to be careful in such cases. A little carelessness can cost them dearly. Let us know how we can avoid such instances.

[1] The mobile device has become old, and you want to change it. You must delete the old phone’s data as soon as you switch to an updated one. It would be advisable if you chose the option of factory reset for this. With this, there will be nothing left on the phone.

[2] If the phone is damaged and you cannot delete its data, avoid selling it. Would you mind keeping it? Or if you can get it repaired, then get it fixed, delete the data, and then sell it.

[3] Nowadays, many such companies take e-waste. It would be more appropriate if you provided better support to these companies instead of selling such phones here and there. These companies destroy e-waste. With this, your data will not fall into the criminal’s hands. Choose a company that you trust.

[4] One should avoid giving old phones to children to play with. Children often throw them while playing. A phone like this could end up in the hands of an unknown individual who could misuse it at a later date.

[5] While selling the phone, you must log out of all accounts. Like Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and others. Otherwise, hackers can steal your data while playing with your mobile.

After all, this life is yours. Run it your way, not according to others. Those childhood games that we loved so much, it was as if the holidays were only for those games. But where are those games now? Today’s children will not even know the names of those. Now we smile after watching those games on Facebook or seeing pictures on Pinterest. I appreciate you reading “Can hackers steal your data?”, thank you. Be careful because the answer is yes. Have a nice day!

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