E-Personality, How much does it switch the real personality in life?

People describe themselves as the mature and happiest ones in real life on digital media. People don't often share their truths on social media, which they want to hear from others. People often get away from their loved ones while making friends on social media. Is there any similar circumstance with you?

Do people live together in two personalities, real and e-personality?

Social media has changed the personality of people a lot. People see something on social media, and in real life, they are something else. Their e-personality takes them away from real life. Then there comes a time when they do not understand what is right and what is wrong. Here, how e-personality and real-personality are intertwined.

E-Personality And Real-Personality

Many people have thousands of followers on social media, but they do not have good friends in real life. Those people express their happiness on digital media, but they do not have any sympathizers to share their pain in real life. Such people live together in two personalities – one their real personality and the other their e-personality.

face changes online

We are very isolated from ourselves when we are online. There is a sudden change in our personality. Our restlessness increases, we become impatient, and we become overconfident in our abilities. We become victims of self-delusion. Many things are happening to us at once, so we do not understand how to behave.

We always want to make ourselves happy and capable. In this effort, we also try to show all those things on social media, which are not there. Then when faced with the truth in real life, they get disappointed with themselves.

What do experts say (E-Personality And Real-Personality)

Psychologists and health counselors say e-personality people are engaged in creating content for social media all the time. If they go to a restaurant to have dinner then share their status on social media before enjoying the meal, they go gaga to see how many people have seen and liked their status.

If such people go to visit somewhere, instead of enjoying the beauty of that place, they will be busy in the photoshoot. They have thousands of fans on their social media, but people get bored with them in real life, and people start cutting off from them when they do not get attention.

How e-personality and real-personality are intertwined?
E-personality and Real-personality are connected

deal with emotional ups and downs

Talking about e-personality, psychologists say that such people struggle with mental and emotional ups and downs. They like their social media image, but when they realize that what they are showing themselves in the digital world is nothing like it in real life, they often get irritated with themselves.

They start to fear what will happen when people know that those who portray themselves on social media are not like they are in real life. People will lose faith in him. Thinking about all these things, they start living under stress, and sometimes they lose their confidence.

When such people meet people in real life and do not find them as effective as they appear on social media, their faith decreases, and people also lose their trust in them.

Digital media changed the world of women

There are also some positive effects of e-personality, which are helping women significantly to move forward. The internet has allowed many household women a lot to move forward. He has learned a lot from the internet during Corona.

Today many women are running their businesses on digital media and are setting an example for other women. It would be suitable for women to empower themselves with these changes brought about by social media, not carelessness, because carelessness on the internet can also put them in big trouble.

it is necessary to balance

Nowadays, Digital media has become an essential part of people’s lives, so it is difficult to avoid it. We can’t deny that social media has given employment to many people and changed their lives, making them overnight stars.

But too much of anything is not good, and it is crucial to keep in mind that your e-personality should not dominate your real personality. Develop your e-personality by creating a balance between the digital world and the real world. Then no one can obstruct you from being victorious.

The gist is that e-personality and real-personality are a glimpse of each other. Don’t forget to tell us if you found this article helpful, and we will be grateful to you for this. For this, the comment section is below. You may be interested in reading “How To Start The Second Inning Of Your Relationship.

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