Do you have fun at your work that drives you to succeed?


Many things make us successful in life. Is it our family, our work, our spirituality? How do we define success? When you ask most people if they are successful, they automatically assume that you are talking about their job. As adults, we have our entire future in front of us. It is for us to decide what that future will be like. Let's see how we can be successful while following that track.

Do You Have Fun At Your work?

How many of you can say that you enjoy your job and have fun? Most people can honestly say they want it, but very few say they enjoy it and have fun. I will explain the benefits of working from home vs a full-time job, whatever you would like to do.

Benefits of working from home
Benefits of working from home & full-time job.

At some point, most jobs will cause us stress. There may be some deadlines or requirements that we cannot meet, which can give us pressure. What makes a job enjoyable often depends on the individual and not on the job itself.

We have to take responsibility and make sure that we do everything possible to make our business run smoothly. If we can say “I’ve done everything” and the job still causes us stress, it may be time to walk on and find another job.

When Monday morning rolls around, we should be ready to go to work, and not Friday. For most of us, going to work every morning is a fact of life, so we need to be in an area that we will enjoy.

what you are looking for in the job.

Take a pen and paper and make a list of what you are looking for in the job.

1 – What are you good at
2 – Part-time, seasonal, or full-time
3 – Which shift are you willing to work
4 – What industry do you wish to serve in
5 – Educational Requirements
6 – Work for someone else or work for yourself

It only makes sense that if someone is terrible at math, they won’t enjoy working in a bank or any industry that requires working with money. Not only will this stress them out, but they probably won’t be working there for very long. They will not enjoy the job.

A survey showed that 85% of people would work for themselves if given a chance. Working for oneself can be divided into two categories. You can work for yourself and own a business that requires buildings, employees, mortgages, salaries, insurance, etc., or you can work from home.

Of the 85% polled, 90% said they would prefer to work from home without the brick, salary, mortgage, and business stresses. Stress is likely an important factor when one is trying to decide on a job.

Luckily for all of us, we live in a modern world where computer technology has opened the door for many people to start their businesses with the help of the internet. Nothing beats the stress of working from home in front of your computer with a good cup of coffee.

Are There Benefits of Working From Home?

Is it better to have a 9 am to 5 pm job that you go to everyday or work for yourself at home? If you work from home, you get to set your hours and work the days you want. It is where I take out my notebook and write down the “pros” and “cons.”

9-5 Job Benefits:

1) You know you have at least one job to go for today.
2) You know how much money you will make week after week
3) Potential profit
4) Potential Advancement

Against a 9-5 job:

1) Work their hours and not yours
2) They have to accept what they pay you, whether you are worth more or not
3) Have to pay higher profit premium
4) Finding time is difficult, especially paid time off
5) Can never get the promotion
6) Risk of possible layoffs or bankruptcy of the business

Benefits of working from home:

1) Schedule your own time
2) Earn as little or as much money as you want
3) Go ahead whenever you want
4) Take off whenever you want

Against working from home:

1) Must be self-disciplined
2) Be responsible for the work done, not for the goofiness
3) Not sure how much money you will make
4) Will you take work from home seriously?

Now that you have written your pros and cons, decide whether someone dedicates enough of you to work from home. If you have to be at a 9-5 job at 7 am and work eight hours a day, will it motivate you to spend several hours on your housework? Working from home is networking, so you have to dedicate time to network with people through social media, email, phone calls, or writing the article you are now reading.

Your home business is more important because you are the boss. The organization is the key to a successful business, so make a list of what you will do and stick to it. It can take months for your business to start, so give yourself at least a year of hard work before expecting a profit. Remember, not everyone is going to say yes to your presentation. Most people will say “no,” but don’t be discouraged. Stick with it, and you will benefit from a successful home business.

What Drives You To Succeed?

We all want to be successful in all areas of our lives, but what is its motivation? Why do we want to be successful in working to support our family? When we are young and ready to graduate from high school, we all have to decide what to do to make a living.

Some decide on a higher level of education, while others choose to work in areas learned through apprenticeship or on-the-job training, i.e., do not want to go to higher levels of education. Whatever decision we make, we all have to work to make money.

Is it worth it to be a doctor if you don’t like kids or when you can’t stand the sight of blood? Not at all. As a child, we all have a sense of what we would like to be when we grow up. The idea usually changes several times over the years, but the primary argument is still the same.

Maybe you want to be a doctor, but eventually, you become a nurse or a paramedic. You may like animals and want to be a vet but end up owning a pet shop. The point is that you have an idea of ​​what you want to do because it interests you and you will be happy to do it.

Enjoy whatever you do.

We have to enjoy what we do in our jobs or get depressed and hate working. When your work gives you pleasure, you can say that you successfully found happiness in your career. If you see progress over the years, then you can be successful in your work, too. If you do your own business and your business grows year after year, you and your company have become successful.

People who work from a home look at success differently as they get motivated to succeed because it allows them to be home with family instead of looking for an 8-hour shift somewhere. Whenever they feel like taking a vacation, all they have to do is remind themselves, “I do this for my family.” Being successful in a home business has ripple effects.

Succeeding in domestic business will cause more time with family, more time for spiritual growth, deposit money in the bank, and no financial worries. I have two things that drive me to succeed in my home business. The first is to be available to my family, and the second is to pay off my mortgage. As long as I remember these two things, I have been driven to succeed. Thank you for reading.


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